Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Night Slash: For the Love of an Angel by @Jaydogrut

Okay y'all! I'm here to bring you a fantastic fic rec tonight and then tomorrow night, I hope you'll join me and learn a little more about the awesome author of this fic in the interview I did for Saturday Sit-Down!

The rec for this week is called For the Love on an Angel and it's a drabble fic with a concept I haven't read in a fic before. Jasper and Edward were heading for their honeymoon when there was a terrible accident and Edward died. Edward doesn't understand what happens until he's being taken away and having the rules explained to him. He's now an angel and more importantly, he's now Jasper's guardian angel.

He gets to see Jasper and he knows that Jasper is going to be going through something that he will need Edward to help him get through but neither of them will know until the time comes.

It's chock full of emotion and sad times, utter heart break and pure devastation on the part of the two boys who shared a love so pure it transcends life or death and can still be felt in the after life!

Jaydogrut does an amazing job of portraying raw emotion and the toll it's taking on all of the characters. Jasper has a chance to share his story and there are a few twists and turns so far that will leaving you wanting more!

Enter Emmett, who is like Edward's angel guide and he also acts as a bit of comic relief in a story full of so much anticipation and need.

I love this story so much and I think you are going to love it just as much!! Take a chance and show it some love! And don't foget to come back tomorrow for a great time with the fabulous author!!

Until then, y'all!


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