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My Sincerest Apologies

 Hello to those of you following this blog! I know that the Wednesday Must Read hasn’t been updated in a few weeks, and Magic Mondays is a bit behind as well. We sincerly apologize. We do have regular lives outside the fandom, and sometimes that can take priority over our obligations to the blog. But fear not wonderful followers; we will be catching up on the blog posts! we will be working diligently to catch up on all missed posts for the last few weeks as well as updating regularly as scheduled.As always, if you have any suggestions for a fic we should be rec'ing on the blog or just want to drop a comment, you can find our email addresses under the Info tab on the main page. We love to hear from you!

Good day and happy reading!

-- BookBytesCorner Crew

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday Sit Down with @Bbebar and @UNF4Rob

Alright loves, you came back like I asked and I'm so thrilled! These two ladies are awesome and I can't wait for you to read on and find out a little bit more about them! So without further ado... enjoy!

Let’s start off with the basics…

What are your pennames? 

Where do you post most often?  

Bbebar: I’ve only ever posted on ffn.


What’s your favorite pairing?

Bbebar: All of my stories so far have been Edward/Jasper, so they’re definitely a favorite.  However, lately I’ve wanted to read alternative pairings or even pairings in other fandoms *gasp*.   

Unfie: My favorite pairing is Edward/Jasper...

Favorite genre?

Bbebar; Slash, slash and more slash.  Did I mention slash? I did? Good, because that’s all I read and write. ;)

Unfie: slash 'nuff said.

Is there a pairing or genre that you absolutely cannot stand?

Bbebar: If there aren’t two peens, I’m not reading it.  So, that eliminates a lot of pairings and genres.

Unfie: I’ve never read a paring that I hated...I'm open to reading any if is good. That is how I stumbled upon slash in the first place.

What got you into the Twilight Fandom? It’s all the hot guys, wasn’t it? Don’t lie.

Bbebar: The hot guys certainly don’t hurt, that’s for sure. I actually discovered fan fic accidentally on twitter. I originally joined to follow twilight fan sites, and I saw someone tweet about reading Wide Awake…the rest is history.

Unfie: Like most others, I read the books...stumbled on the twitterverse while reading about the hot boys...then found fan fic.

What do you find to be the most challenging part about writing your fics?

Bbebar: Honestly just finding the time to write is the most difficult thing. RL is time consuming and must come first. **sighs** lol

Best review you’ve ever received? Worst? 

Bbebar: One of the best reviews I’ve received was from @BbEyedGirl, I believe.  She thanked me for writing a positive coming out story in my fic, You Speak to Me, because not everyone’s experience is traumatic. She said something along the lines that some people, once they come out, really do feel as if a weight has been lifted, and they can finally be themselves. I’ll never forget that because it really validated for me Jasper’s journey in that story. As far as worst reviews, I really haven’t gotten any reviews I’d consider awful. Sure, I’ve had the occasional person who didn’t agree with what I’ve done or misunderstood something in the story, but overall I’ve been really lucky.

Unfie: Every single review for AOS and SNM have been wonderful. The love and kindness that every expressed for us and our boys was just amazing, and I was truly blow away. Our following is not huge but such a great group...very supportive. That has made all the difference for me at least, as I dove into this end of FanFic. It was a VERY scary thing for me. Very easy to beta, it is a whole other ballgame on the other end. 

How do you get into the zone? What’s your method for getting the creative juices flowing? Dancing around your living room in nothing but a baseball cap, weird shit like that?  

Bbebar: Well after that example, I feel like this answer is going to be really boring…lol. I really don’t do anything. If I’m in the zone, I’m in it. I’ve learned, at least for me, there is no point in forcing it.  If the story is in my head, it’s going to come out when it’s ready.  If it’s not coming to me, then I simply wait until it does. 

Unfie: My time for writing is limited, hence the drabble-esque format. It is the only format I personally have written in. With that said I still need to be in a good head-space to write, even if it is only 100-200 words. My method... just write and see where it takes me.

Do your friends and family in your real life know about your fanfiction alter-ego? 

Bbebar: I have some close friends that know what I do.

Unfie: They have NO clue and I prefer to keep it like that. It is my delicious little secret.

What do you look for in a good fan fic? 

Bbebar: Two or more peens (I’m sensing a theme with my answers) , fully developed characters that react honestly, well written and unique plots, a good sense of humor, hot sexytimes, and even a little kink thrown in is nice ;)

Unfie: Depth, realism, and originality. I'm also a lover of the angst...bring it hard.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Anything you’d like to share with us? Married, single? Kids? Covert CIA agent? Alaskan crab fisherman?

Unfie: Ummm I'm in the CIA #TrueFax

Spill! What’s you guilty pleasure? I promise not to judge you, as long as it isn’t Justin Bieber.

Bbebar:  Hmm…right now I’m on an mpreg fic reading kick, and I’m addicted to sour candy. That count?

Unfie: My guilty is slashy fic...nobody in my RL knows I read it, beta it or write it ;)

Do you have a favorite published author? Someone that actually has printed novels with a publishing house, like Stephenie Meyer. 

Bbebar: I have entirely too many to begin trying to name. Right now I’m reading Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin, and  I highly recommend it if you’re into fantasy.

Unfie: Daniel Silva – he writes amazing Spy-Fic....I'm a nerd lol it's my thing.

Favorite musical artist? Anything we should definitely check out? 

Bbebar: Again, WAAAAAY too many to name just one. Right now, The Avett Brothers are on repeat on my ipod. They’re amazing.

Unfie: Adele – love her!!!

Time to spread the love…

Who do you drop everything for, including the urn with your great grandmother inside, and run to the computer when you get an update?  

Bbebar: Hmm…the most recent one was probably Punk and Perv.

Unfie: Funny thing here is that all the writers that I drop everything for I have ended up being their beta along the way.  *maybe I tweet-stalked them so much they decided it would be easier that way – lol *

Do you have an author that you fangirl over? And do you squee?

Bbebar: I do. Many times.  Oh wow, there are so many amazing authors in this fandom.  Continuing on my last answer, I think Conversed is brilliant, and she totally rocks my socks.

Unfie: Oh yes, I squee. I squee and fangirl over Conversed. I'm proud to call her my friend but I still squee and fangirl all the damn time! It was a true honor to beta for Seventeen Men. Truly that fic will be with me forever and has changed me and how I view Jasper.  She knows how I feel...<3 You my friend.

If you were to break someone into the Twilight Fandom, what fic would you give them to read first? 

Bbebar: Oh that’s a hard one. I’d be rec’ing slash, so I’d probably go with something like Twinned (by conversed) or  McFearless (by Teamsmella23) to start with.

Unfie: This would go against my rule of divulging that I not only read it, but write it...NEVER gonna happen.

Can you suggest a fic to be recommended on the blog? 

Bbebar: I recently got to know upsidedowntwist a little from twitter. I started reading his WIP, Into You, the other day and read all the chapters that have been posted straight through. He has an amazing gift for unique storytelling.  I haven’t read another fic like his, and he keeps you guessing every chapter.

Unfie: So many amazing fics to rec...I would feel remiss to just list one....So I will tell you what I am reading right now and loving.  . Outside the Bubble » by OvertlyConcealed  & Roads »  by  prassacut  . If you aren't reading you should be!

And now for a bit of fun…

Give a shout out to your team!

Bbebar: Well, of course there is my lovie, Unfie.  She is first of all my friend. But she’s also my talented collab partner and has been my beta since my very first fic. Then there is my amazing twin, carrottop81690.  He gets the job of best friend and pre-reader ;)  I honestly can’t imagine my life without both of them in it. 

Unfie: My team...I'm not important enough for a team...But the support I receive from my twitterfamily is lovely.  I'm actually very new to the writing or author scene really and well my team consists of @bbebar <---She is my everything!  #TrueFax

Stephenie Meyer’s Bella… Strong, independent woman and a role model for all girls, or a sniveling, whiny, spineless twit? And do you that KStew makes a good Bella? Any.body you think could’ve done it better?

Bbebar: I kind of think Bella is all of the above, which makes her an average teen-aged girl. I think this was why she is relatable to so many people. I think Kristen did a good job, and I haven’t ever given thought to whether or not someone else could have done it better.

Unfie: Hmmm no comment ;)

Ever imagine yourself in the place of a character in the fics you read? (It’s the lemons, isn’t it? Naughty naughty!) 

Bbebar: Well considering I read slash (who me?), that makes it a little more difficult to put myself in the place of a character since I’m a girl with no peen #sadbuttrue lol… However, I quite frequently wish I were in the room with the characters I read about. That is all.

Unfie: Well more like watching  LOL  Since I read 99% slash I'd Love to watch.   Like Rose in TeamBella23 's McFearless. If y'all have not read that fic you need to. That is who I'd like to the room watchin'.

Let’s say that your friends and family don’t know that you write fan fiction. You’re at the office, or the family get together, and someone mentions that they’ve be reading this fanfiction online. As you listen to them recount the details of this story, you realize with growing horror that this is your story! How do you react?

Bbebar: LOL…I suppose how I reacted would totally depend on who the person was. I’d probably just play it cool.

Unfie: Ehhh...I'm sure I'd break-out into a full body sweat, want to vomit and try to act cool.  But I would never blow my cover. Fan Fic is my escape…if that was ever breached...I'd be a VERY unhappy camper.

Thank you for participating!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Night Slash featuring Slashifyed

This week I am so, so, sooooooooooooo excited for rec that I’m am doing! You know what they say about doubling the pleasure, doubling the fun right? Well, I believe it’s more like double the genius, double the talent when it comes to the collab team who call themselves Slashifyed which consists of the individual talent of the fabulous Bbebar and the amazing UNF4Rob.
Together, these uniquely talented women have brought their versions of Jasper and Edward to us in a set of drabble fics that once you start, you can’t stop.
The first one was called Awake Our Soul and it was fantastic. Bbebar brings us the story behind Jasper which lets Unfie bring us Edward’s tale. The two boys have been apart for a long time and at the beginning of the story, Jasper is playing a gig at a bar or a club and Edward is there. Before he can see really see who he is, Jasper is affected by Edward just being there. This is the story of two boys who have a past and a current need for each other. You aren’t sure what happened in the past just that they hurt each other.
It’s full of passion and love and sexy times and it leaves you with questions that are yet to be answered…
This is where Sigh No More comes into the picture. It’s the sequel to Awake Our Soul and the boys have a lot to work out. They both feel like what happened in the past is their own individual fault and we finally get some answers as to what happened and the boys finally begin to believe that they can be together without hurting each other.
When they finally come to that realization it hits them so hard and their need, passion, and undying love for each other come together with such force that you can’t stop reading no matter how hard you try, and luckily for you, you don’t have to!
Both stories are complete and since it’s a drabble fic, each chapter contains both POV’s and each POV is about 100 words a piece.
Be prepared to get your heart broken for the boys and have it put back together again! Also, put these two on author alert because they have promised the prequel to the series is coming soon where we get firsthand look at what happened before the current stories!
I am so excited so take a chance and I know you’ll love these two as much as I do!
Tune in tomorrow for Saturday Sit Down and get to know these two a little better!
I’ll be back next week with a new rec for you all!
Until then, I’m out!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Friday Night Slash: Carpe Diem by @Tiffnificent

Okay y'all... I must start off by apologizing for missing last week's post but I have a very good excuse!
I was being worked to death last week and didn't have time for any sort of fan fiction extracuriculars :( Yes I know, poor me right? Anyway, I'm back this week and I have a treat for you!

Tonight's rec is Carpe Diem by @Tiffnificent and it's a three-some fic.

Bella sits in a cafe day after day at lunch oggling the hot guy in the corner of the place. She wants him in a bad way but can never seem to get up the courage to talk to him. It seems as though he wants her just as bad but he's as chicken as she is.

Then one night Rose drags Bella out dancing and she gets hit on by a couple of losers before our sexy Jasper approaches her, charms her off her feet and tells her that he and his boyfriend would like for her to join them at their table.

She is confused as to why until she walks to their table where she sees that it's Cafe Guy! The one she ogles everyday and has dreams about all the time.

It turns out Jasper is gay but Edward is definitely bi and for his birthday, Jasper is giving him one night with the girl he can't seem to get out of his head.

You are going to have to read on to find out what incredibly, ridiculously hot things happen when Bella decides to seize the day and just go with it. Believe me, you are gonna need a change of panties when it's over because not only does this include het sex, but it also has the slashy goodness we all enjoy!

Shall we take a peak into this gem?


I was fed up with all of the predictable shit. The corny lines, the cheesy clothes, the desperate vibes...

"Hey, darlin'."

His voice was low, raspy and playful, tinged with a Southern accent. I decided to ignore him, not bothering to look up, instead choosing to take a sip of my drink.

"You here alone?"

Go away.


It was true, I wasn't alone. And when Rose decided to skip her happy ass back over here, she was gonna get an earful.

He sat on the stool beside me, leaning in closer so he could be heard over the music. "What's your name, sugar?"

"Bella." I was uninterested and my voice conveyed just that.

Here it comes...

"Bella? Isn't that Italian for... fart-knocker?"

I barked out an obnoxiously loud laugh, turning to face the joker with a wide smile, thankful for the break in monotony.

"Yes, that's exactly what it stands for! Fluent in Italian, are we?"

"How could you tell?"

"Just a guess." I grinned.

I looked him up and down—all the way down, and wasn't shy about it. Good God, he was gorgeous. Long legs, lean, blond hair, blue eyes, a beautiful smile, dimples.


His shirt clung to his body, showcasing the toned details of his stomach and restrained strength of his arms. The jeans he wore hung low on his narrow hips, and judging by the bulge in those Wranglers, he was definitely packing.

Oh, yes.

His smile widened when he realized exactly what had caught my attention and I shrugged unapologetically while I imagined myself fucking him senseless right there on his barstool.

"So, Miss Bella, are you really here with someone or were you just story tellin'?"

Yeah, definitely Southern.

"Honestly? I'm here with my girlfriend, but she ditched me."

His brow rose. "Oh? Girlfriend, girlfriend? Or just a friend, girlfriend?"

I bit my lip, averting my gaze as I thought of Rose's tongue and all of the wicked things it could do. "Just a friend."

He smirked. "Are you tellin' stories again, Miss Bella?"

"Maybe, maybe not." This guy was fun. And ridiculously hot. Couldn't forget that.

He grabbed my hand, smiling as he shook it. "My name's Jasper."

"Jasper," I smirked. "It suits you."

It didn't escape my notice that either of us had yet to let go.

"Listen, Miss Bella, my boyfriend and I were wondering if you'd like to come sit with us. Our table's right over there."

He pointed to the table but I was too dumbfounded to look.



What the hell? Was I just imagining the flirtatious banter?

"Yeah, sugar, as in, boyfriend, boyfriend." He teased, but I wasn't laughing.

"He's a little intimidated," Jasper continued, sobering up when he noticed my serious expression. "So, he was afraid to come over himself."

Honestly, I was getting a little perturbed. I'd definitely thought I was gonna get some but I was obviously mistaken.

"Why would two gay guys want me, a girl, to sit with them?"

"Well, I'm gay. He's bi," he clarified. "And we'd like the company of a beautiful lady tonight."

"Oh." Fair enough, I guess.

"So whaddaya say?"

The barstool was getting pretty uncomfortable. And Rose's punk ass probably ran off with that short girl she'd had her eyes on when we first came in the place, so I doubted she'd be back any time soon. Skanch.

Besides, what harm could sitting with a few harmless guys be? And flirting with the gays was always fun.

How pathetic. Making half-assed excuses to spend my night with two men who had no interest in me.

I downed the rest of my drink. "Let's go."


So whaddya think? That's the setup for a pretty fucking interesting night, don't you think?

Alright so go ahead and have a read and don't forget to leave her some lovin'!

Tune in tomorrow night where we will learn more about the girl behind the fic and I promise you 'll love her nearly as much as I do... I say nearly because no one can match my love for this girl!

Until next week,