Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Night Slash featuring Slashifyed

This week I am so, so, sooooooooooooo excited for rec that I’m am doing! You know what they say about doubling the pleasure, doubling the fun right? Well, I believe it’s more like double the genius, double the talent when it comes to the collab team who call themselves Slashifyed which consists of the individual talent of the fabulous Bbebar and the amazing UNF4Rob.
Together, these uniquely talented women have brought their versions of Jasper and Edward to us in a set of drabble fics that once you start, you can’t stop.
The first one was called Awake Our Soul and it was fantastic. Bbebar brings us the story behind Jasper which lets Unfie bring us Edward’s tale. The two boys have been apart for a long time and at the beginning of the story, Jasper is playing a gig at a bar or a club and Edward is there. Before he can see really see who he is, Jasper is affected by Edward just being there. This is the story of two boys who have a past and a current need for each other. You aren’t sure what happened in the past just that they hurt each other.
It’s full of passion and love and sexy times and it leaves you with questions that are yet to be answered…
This is where Sigh No More comes into the picture. It’s the sequel to Awake Our Soul and the boys have a lot to work out. They both feel like what happened in the past is their own individual fault and we finally get some answers as to what happened and the boys finally begin to believe that they can be together without hurting each other.
When they finally come to that realization it hits them so hard and their need, passion, and undying love for each other come together with such force that you can’t stop reading no matter how hard you try, and luckily for you, you don’t have to!
Both stories are complete and since it’s a drabble fic, each chapter contains both POV’s and each POV is about 100 words a piece.
Be prepared to get your heart broken for the boys and have it put back together again! Also, put these two on author alert because they have promised the prequel to the series is coming soon where we get firsthand look at what happened before the current stories!
I am so excited so take a chance and I know you’ll love these two as much as I do!
Tune in tomorrow for Saturday Sit Down and get to know these two a little better!
I’ll be back next week with a new rec for you all!
Until then, I’m out!

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