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Saturday Sit-Down with Famingo!

Welcome to another Saturday Sit Down, Magic Monday Style!
This week we're talking to HP fandom new comer, Famingo!

Let’s start with the basics...

What’s your penname?

Famingo on and FlamingoLady on LJ
Where do you post most often? Can you link us? (In reality, we just want to stalk your work) or

What’s your favourite genre and pairing to read?

My favourite pairing is by far Harry/Draco. I don’t really have a favourite genre. I read just about anything that is well written and doesn’t involve one of the boys dying, although there are a few exceptions to that rule. I do have a soft spot for the boys as parents with small children and a well-written mpreg.
Is there a pairing or genre that you absolutely cannot stand?
Anything that involves Ginny. I really don’t like her at all.

What got you into the Harry Potter fandom? It was the epilogue, wasn’t it? Damn that epilogue.

I’ve been reading in the Harry Potter fandom for a long time, way before the epilogue was even printed. I started reading the novels and got immediately hooked on them. I had been reading fanfiction for years and finally thought to look for HP just after Goblet of Fire while I was waiting impatiently for Order of the Phoenix to come out. I was immediately pulled in with all of the amazing people writing. I just checked my saved folder and saw that I’ve been reading HP fic since 2004. That’s hard to believe, but we have great writers in this fandom to keep people interested.

What do you find to be the most challenging part about writing your fics?

I’ve only written one story so far, but I’m writing a couple of more for Veelafest. So far, I’m finding the hardest thing about this is to maintain the voice of the characters. I know how they are in canon and how I want them to be in my story, but meshing the two is a little easier said than done when I get caught up in writing.

Best review you’ve ever gotten? Worst? Have a story there?

I’ve only gotten a few reviews, but for the most part they have all been very nice. I think my favourite review was from the person I wrote my HP story for. She seemed so surprised and happy that I’d written something for her and it made me smile.  Worst was not all that bad but was for my Twilight fic and I was told that they couldn’t see one of my characters “like that” and I was told that I should have mentioned that there was a mention of het or I would get real flames. It made me laugh since it clearly said it was slash with an “of-age” Seth and Edward.

How do you get into the zone? Do you have a particular method that gets the mojo flowing? Ritual sacrifice of a virgin at the full moon, that sort of thing?

Nope, not virgin sacrifice. That would be WAY too difficult to find where I live. I usually write when I’m alone in the house and don’t normally like to have music or anything going because I get distracted way too easily. I will write for as long as I am still getting ideas and then go read if I need inspiration or just a little break. Seems to work pretty well so far.

Do your friends and family in your real life know about your fanfiction alter-ego?

My friends know that I write and a few have even read my stuff, but my family doesn’t know. They would never read fanfiction in the first place, but I think I would be okay with them reading it. I’ve enjoyed writing so why not have someone read it. That may change in the future if I manage to write anything smuttier than the little wank-fic I wrote for Twilight.

What do you look for in a good fanfic?

I love fanfic that has strong characters or an original idea for the story. I think that’s why I like HP so much because magic makes things possible that you never would have imagined and they end up being lots more interesting than the same old thing you get in so many fandoms. A different take on a character or even a different twist of the original story is always interesting to me.
On the other hand, what makes you stick your nose in the air and flounce that bitch?
My main pet peeve with fic is when someone doesn’t pay any attention to spelling, grammar or the proper name they are using for a character. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a really interesting story get left in the dust because of constantly referring to Blaise as “Zambini” or Astoria as “Astonia and Toni.” I know we’re all human and an error or two are to be expected, even with a beta, but know who you’re writing about.

Tell us a bit about yourself...

Anything that you feel comfortable sharing? Married? Kids? Nudist resort? Seal hunter?

Hmmm… I’m single but have been living with my sweetie for 10 years now. No kids, just two very moody cats. Too fat to be a nudist and I like seals so not a seal hunter. I work in customer service for a telecommunications company but have been out of work due to a lack of a voice for several months now so that’s how I’ve been able to write my most recent stories. I’m a total fanfic junkie and have at least thirty open tabs at all times. I can’t read het much anymore and I would be amazingly happy if I were ever close enough to meet (touch, hug, lick, grope) Tom Felton or Dan Radcliffe even though I’m old enough to be their mother.

Oooh, tell us a guilty pleasure! As long as it’s not Hannah Montana, I promise not to judge you. Perhaps.

My guilty pleasure is still fic-related. I have to admit to enjoying a well written Snape/Harry or Snape/Hermione fic. Something about the swirly robes and the sexy/evil voice.

Do you have a favourite published author? And by published I mean someone who has a contract with a major publishing house, like J.K. Rowling herself.

Good question! I don’t read much lately other than fanfic, but I love Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison and J.R. Ward. Wow, seeing a trend here with vampires and magic?

Favourite musical artist? Anything we should check out?

This is a tough one because I love music and listen to lots of different things. Current favourites are probably 100 Monkeys, Linkin Park and Kings of Leon.

Time to spread some love...

Who do you drop everything for, including Mrs. Next Door’s smelly brat, and run to the computer when you get an update?

Definitely Leo_Draconis! Every time I get a notice she’s updated I squee and go running. Cheryl Dyson too.

Do you have an author that you fangirl over? And do you squee? Cause I totally squee.

I totally fangirl and squee over both the lovely ladies I mentioned in the last question. Both of them are great writers and very cool people so it’s fun to squee over them. Leo actually beta-ed for me and I was SO nervous for her to read anything I had written but she was fantastic and I absolutely adore her. Oh yeah, Fiberkitty in the Twilight fandom too. Another great writer and fantastic lady.

If you were going to break someone into the Harry Potter fandom, what fic would you give them first?

The stories I always recommend to friends just wanting to start reading Harry/Draco (IMHO the best pairing) are Small Blessings and He Was He and I Was Bunny.

Can you suggest a fic to be recommended on the blog?

Anything by Leo_Draconis, To the Moon by Constant Vigilance, Malfoy Child and Malfoy Flavour by Vorabiza.

Okay, now we get stupid. It’s the best part...

If we took away their wands, stuck Harry, Snape, Bellatrix, Hermione, Mrs. Weasley and Fudge in the same room and told them that they had to fight to the death if they wanted to be able to leave who do you think would be left standing?

Oh come on, hands down Molly Weasley! In canon she killed Bellatrix for trying to hurt her children and I read a fic recently where she not only smacked Harry and Draco over the head with a wooden spoon just after they had turned into a dark creature and then later dressed down Voldemort for presuming that since she was a housewife and mother she wouldn’t be intelligent. It was SO easy to see that exchange that I couldn’t help but laughing like an idiot and made my poor, suffering boyfriend listen to the whole thing.

Ever replaced the word “wand” with “wang” as you read canon? Or hell, as you read fanfiction?

Haven’t we all? Although, a wand can be just as handy as a wang if you’re creative.

Let’s say that your friends and family don’t know that you write fanfiction. You’re at the office, or the family get together, wherever really, and someone mentions that they’ve been reading this fanfiction online. As you listen to them recount the details of this story, you realize with growing horror that this is your story! How do you react?

It would depend on who it was. I have some people at work who have read my Twilight fic and enjoyed it. If my mom or someone like that would mention reading it, I would probably crawl under a table.

Be sure to check out Magic Monday when we take a look at Famingo's HP inspired birthday fic!

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Friday Night Slash: A Madness Most Discreet by @vampthenewblack

Hello my lovely slash lovers! Welcome back to the Friday Night Slash segment. I can’t believe it’s Friday already again! Time flies huh? Anyway... this week I’m bringing you a fantastic two-shot called A Madness Most Discreet by vampireisthenewblack.
I read this a while ago when it was an entry in the In the Closet one-shot contest. I loved it then and I still love it now. Written from Jasper’s POV, he thinks Edward Cullen hates his guts because he ignores him all the time.
The thing about that is that Jasper is in love with him. His sister has been dating Emmett’s older brother forever and they are doing the whole ‘families getting to know each other dinner’ and for once, Edward approaches Jasper in Biology and asks him if he’s going to talk to him on Saturday so they don’t ruin it for everyone else.
When Jasper is forced to be social at the party, he can’t help but be bewildered by Edward’s actions. He still ignores Jasper but has some nice things to say about him when asked.
Jasper is sent to the kitchen to clean up and soon Edward joins him, telling Jasper his mother sent him to help. After several moments of tension and awkward silence, Edward finally confronts Jasper. This leads to some sexy realizations.
Chapter two is a continuation of the first scene and explains quite a bit. I don’t want to ruin it for you but I can promise you some citrusy good times featuring our beloved Major!
Here is a sneak peek into chapter one:
I try to hide out in my room, but Rose comes up and says I'd better come down and be sociable. Mom and Dad will be pissed if either of us embarrasses them. The Cullen's are the richest family in town, so of course we have to impress them.

So I smile dutifully as Mom extols my grades and the few advanced classes I'm taking, and cringe as Dad bemoans the fact I don't play any sports, not like their Emmett who is the captain of the football team.

"I don't play sport either," says Edward Cullen from the corner of the room where he's sitting on a loveseat with his twin, Alice.

Everyone stares, because he's not said a word since the greetings when they arrived, and he blushes. Alice is grinning at me and I don't know why.

"Jasper tells me you're top of the class in Biology, Edward," my mother says, and the only reason she has this information is because she drilled me before they arrived. But of course Edward doesn't know this, and I'm trying to decipher the look on his face because I can't decide if it's worried or surprised or...happy?

Alice is still grinning at me. Edward doesn't answer my mother at first. After the initial surprise or whatever it was he looks embarrassed, and shakes his head and says: "Jasper's lots smarter than me," and even though he's talking about me, saying my name (and it sounds so good the way he says it), he's ignoring me again.

I know Alice even less than I know Edward. She's not in any of my classes. Her opinion of me seems to be the polar opposite of his, because she's always smiling at me, and she keeps seeking me out to talk about school or something. It's the only time she leaves his side.

I can't understand why he insisted I talk to him, because he's doing his best to completely ignore me, and I'm sure it's becoming obvious to everyone here that he can't stand me.

I'm so preoccupied I miss it at first when Mom asks me to go start clearing up in the kitchen, but when I realise I go thankfully, just to get away from him. Even though he's quiet and as far away from me as he can possibly be while still being in the same room, the space seems filled with him.

The kitchen is large and white and cold and empty by contrast. Every scrape of a dish is loud, even the water running is deafening.

Then something changes. The door opens behind me and the sound of voices from the living room flows in and then is cut off again. The room is full, the air thick, and I know he's behind me because I can feel his eyes on the back of my neck.

He doesn't want to be here, he can't stand me.

Okay, so here’s the scoop people, vampireisthenewblack is fantastic. And when I say fantastic I mean totally and utterly ridiculously talented. Her fic, Say Something Else is positively one of the most amazingly written (and saddest, I cried for nearly the entire time) I’ve ever read. It’s beautiful and worth a read also!
I assure you, if you take the time to read both fics you won’t regret it! I’m willing to put money on it! Also, after you read, don’t forget the review that lets her know I sent you!
Until next week my lovelies,

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“Inception on a Rainy Night” by KT8812

            As promised, I have a Jasper/Bella fic for y’all to sink your teeth into. If you have yet to read KT8812’s Inception on a Rainy Night, then you are definitely missing out! This fic is all kinds of naughty, with a very domineering Jasper. *smirks* Bella is a college student, and a student in Professor Cullen’s class. On the way home from a ball game one rainy night, Bella runs into Professor Cullen. He offers her a ride, and with the knowledge of what he really is, takes him up on the offer.

Bella tore her eyes away from his face as her heartbeat started to rise and she started feeling the first stirrings of her desire. She looked out of the window to find that they were traveling on a road hitherto unknown to her.

Run! Her mind screamed at her, but her body refused to obey.

The agonized silence was broken as the car came to a halt on the gravel outside a large mansion. Before she could make any observations, he was at her door in a flash to open the door for her.

A chivalrous vampire she mused as she entered the foyer. He moved silently through a pair of doors as she looked at the lair of the demon. The house looked more like a museum than anything else. It was nothing like the dark, damp cave she had imagined with cobwebs hanging off the walls.

Suddenly, she was cocooned in warmth and found that he had draped a shawl around her shoulders as he handed her a cup of steaming hot chocolate. She took the cup from him, her frozen fingers warming from its heat as he directed her to sit on a chaise.

She blew on the cup and took a hesitant sip and smiled as the thick, sweet liquid made its way down her throat, warming her from within. She found him standing in front of her, still as a statue, gazing at her with an intensity that made the blush rise up in her cheeks. As she took another sip, she wondered how completely bizarre the entire situation was.

As the silence grew, her mental filter seemed to have clogged up completely as she said the first thing that came to her mind.
"You keep chocolate in your house?"

A ghost of a smile flitted across his face as he continued to observe her single-mindedly.

"It is just to keep up appearances."

She nodded. "I see, obviously it's not of much use to you."

           They get back to Jasper’s and multiple very hot, very sexy lemons through the night, and a very delicious wake-up call. A joke over feeding habits leads into Jasper and Bella discussing Jasper’s gift and feeding habits, which leads to further arguments. The pair discusses their issues and cause even more problems, so they decide to go about their routines and meet the next day to continue discussing things. When Bella goes to work and a patron gets too friendly, Jasper intervenes and nearly fucks her to death (quite literally).

           Jasper decides to invite Carlisle over to help explain everything mating related to Bella, and after a snippet of Carlisle’s discussion with the other Cullen’s, they all sit down to discuss vampire mating. The topic becomes too much for Bella to handle, so she runs off to cool down. Carlisle comes to find her and take her back to the mansion, where Jasper has completely trashed the place because he believed Bella was rejecting him. When Bella tried to calm him down, the weight of his emotions caused her to pass out and Jasper to snap back to reality.

           The pair spends the night “making up”, and in the morning Jasper takes her out and shows her what happens when vampires are exposed to sun and all tells her of his past with Maria and all his scars. This story has drama and naughty lemons, with updates coming soon.

So grab a drink and enjoy!

 “Inception on a Rainy Night” by KT8812

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Magic Monday's Featuring Arcadian Maggie!

Yo, yo, yo!

You know Magic Monday’s is the BEST part of yo Monday so let’s get down and jiggy with it!

I mean…

This week I bring to you a “Next Gen” fic! For those of you who haven’t heard of “Next Gen”, these stories focus on the children of our beloved main characters, like Albus Severus, James, Lilly Luna, Scorpius, Teddy, Fred, etc.

I’d like to note that this O/S was written for a very special woman’s birthday, Robyn (otherwise known as rmhale). I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic people through the fandom, some of the strongest, bravest women dwell here and Robyn is one of them.

Also, the word “jizz” is synonymous with “Robyn”, just sayin’.

Common Ground by Arcadian Maggie

Maggie is a very talented author who ships in the slash and crosses into the Twilight fandom as well as the Harry Potter one, if you like a good Twific, you should check out her profile!

What I loved about this story was the sweet innocence that these two boys, Scorpius and Albus, display whilst trying to figure out how they feel about their changing lives. It’s a story about discovering that who you truly are is not always what you thought and that as we learn and grow, we change.

From the author: The Malfoys have always hated the Potters, and the Potters have always hated the Malfoys. At least that's what Scorpius Malfoy always thought until he caught his father kissing Mr. Potter. A next gen birthday fic for rmhale. Slash. Rated M.

Here’s a little taste of the fic…

The first thing he noticed is that while he was studying Albus, Albus appeared to be studying him right back. Whereas before they had been circumspect in their rivalry, never acknowledging it directly, now Albus would hold his eye in frank appraisal. Occasionally, Scorpius would see that familiar crease on his brow, the one that meant he was deep in thought. Sometimes, as they held each other's gazes, Albus' cheeks would flush, as they had when Scorpius had first caught him smiling, but the smile itself never made a re-appearance.

He watched Albus' interactions with the other members of his house. Scorpius had always considered the boy stuck-up and aloof, never speaking to many aside from a few close friends, and of course, his cousin Rose. The more he studied him, the more he began to think he had been wrong. It wasn't arrogance that had him keeping to himself so much; Albus Potter was painfully shy.

A similar crease to the one that so often decorated Albus' brow appeared on Scorpius' own face. He wondered what else he had gotten wrong. As he stared at Albus in puzzlement, the other boy looked up and caught his gaze again. They were standing closer to each other than was usual, crowding around a plant in the greenhouse while being lectured in Herbology. As their eyes remain locked on the other, that pink tint appeared on Albus' cheeks once more. Scorpius marvelled at how that splash of color made the irises of the other boy's eyes stand out vividly; they were so green. He felt a funny twisting in his stomach as he stared, and when his own cheeks began to heat up, he tore his eyes away, unsettled.

If you haven't guessed, this is a AS/S fic, with a little H/D on the side (as Maggie describes it, heh). I thoroughly enjoyed this story and it put a smile on my face, especially at the end.

As always, give Arcadian Maggie some lovin’ if you enjoyed the story and don’t forget to email me with your suggestions for recs at!

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Saturday Sit Down with @lilmizzhyde

Let’s start off with the basics…

What’s your penname?

MizzHyde. And on Twitter I go by @lilmizzhyde

Where do you post most often?

Always on first, but given how fail it often is, everything also goes on Twiwrite too.

What’s your favorite pairing? Favorite genre?

I'm generally an Edward/Jasper fanatic, but will happily read any slash pairing. I love anything with Riley in it, he's my latest crush. I'm not a het hater though, I still read Edward/Bella even if I don't write it. Much.

Is there a pairing or genre that you absolutely cannot stand?

I'm not Alice's biggest fan, and given that I adore Jasper I don't run to read Alice/Jasper. I used to be quite anti-Jacob, but have read some really lovely ones recently so he's growing on me. Mpreg is a big no-no – just so wrong!

What got you into the Twilight Fandom? It’s all the hot guys, wasn’t it? Don’t lie.

It's no secret. It was the smut. I'm not ashamed. It was the dirty, dirty, graphic sexual content. Twilight was my introduction to fanfiction, and I've not been tempted to stray into other fandoms. I've read a bit of HP and some TSN but neither appeal to me the same way. So yeah, it's totally the hot guys!

What do you find to be the most challenging part about writing your fics?

Coming up with a plot. I'm not one of those writers who has a head full of plot bunnies and can't get them all out fast enough. I need a good solid prompt from somewhere else, and a long time to let it ferment in my head before the images and ideas come together.

After that, it's writing the lemons. It's really hard work, honest.

Best review you’ve ever received? Worst?

My favorite reviews are the ones where readers tell me they need to go have some “personal time” after reading. I also had a series of reviews from an amazing woman who analysed my stories like real literature, finding loads of hidden meanings which I had no idea were in there – I loved that. Totally made me look much cleverer than I am.

The worst ones are the ones where the reader tells you they are flouncing your story. I understand that not everyone likes every story, that's fine, go read something else, but do you really need to tell me the exact reasons why you hate it? Especially if it's not something I can do anything about.

How do you get into the zone? What’s your method for getting the creative juices flowing? Dancing around your living room in nothing but a baseball cap, weird shit like that?

Two things are guaranteed to get a story straight or a bunch of detail clear in my head - doing something active like walking or cycling, or settling down to sleep. This is a complete pain because in both cases I can't write anything down and have inevitably forgotten it by the time I get to a computer. This probably explains why I am such a slow writer. Damn.

Do your friends and family in your real life know about your fanfiction alter-ego?

Some of them. My husband does, but doesn't read my stories and thinks it's kinda weird. My sister does, and reads all my stuff and even leaves reviews. (Love ya darling!) One other friend does and also reads a lot of fic but she's not a big slash fan. Some of my fandom friends have become RL friends too. Other than them – no way!

What do you look for in a good fanfic?

You mean apart from the smut? I'm mostly interested in the characters, what drives them, what they think and feel. But I need to have the story move along at a reasonable pace – I have a very short attention span. I love stories where a character is placed in a situation out of their normal experience, so they have to adapt and cope with something new.

And I know it's obvious, but stories full of grammar and spelling errors drive me crazy. We all make the odd mistake, but really, get a beta and check it all properly. I'll stop reading even the most interesting story if I'm fighting with poor editing.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Anything you’d like to share with us? Married, single? Kids? Covert CIA agent? Alaskan crab fisherman?

I'm not a real person. I'm a slash ficbot programmed by a multi-million dollar corporation for their own nefarious purposes which are currently unclear. They want you to believe that I am a British married woman with two small children, a part-time job and a boysex porn addiction.

Spill! What’s your guilty pleasure? I promise not to judge you, as long as it isn’t Justin Bieber.

Gay internet porn. But I don't feel any guilt. Anyone wants to buy me a Corbin Fisher subscription, you know where to find me. I can't think of anything else. Twi-sluts have no shame. It's in the rules.

Do you have a favorite published author? Someone that actually has printed novels with a publishing house, like Stephanie Meyer.

It's been so long since I read a real book... does J.R.Ward count?

Favorite musical artist? Anything we should definitely check out?

I'm kind of obsessed with Maroon 5. It's probably not cool but I can't help it. I have their albums on repeat. Most of my chapter titles are lines from their songs. And thinking about Adam Levine just does all sorts of tingly things to my girl parts. I really like the Scissor Sisters too. Jake Shears is just perfect. I wish I could be all hip and list a bunch of trendy bands, but, I can't. Oh well.

Time to spread the love…

Who do you drop everything for, including the urn with your great grandmother inside, and run to the computer when you get an update?

Conversed, if she's writing drabbles – I have been known to read these in the school playground and also to get up in the middle of the night for an update. It's a sickness.

Other usual suspects are Lou-la, Savannah-Vee, TeamBella23, TuesdayMidnight, Drizl, Sadtomato and SingleStrand.

Do you have an author that you fangirl over? And do you squee? I do. Many times.

I get terribly overexcited if one of my favorite authors leaves me a review. I tend to send utterly pathetic and squeeling review replies. TeamBella23 recently started reading Since and I nearly passed out.

If you were to break someone into the Twilight Fandom, what fic would you give them to read first?

I've done this a couple of times, and I think it depends on the person. The first fic I read was The List by LauraACullen and I've recommended it as a first to a couple of people with varying degrees of success. I think it's good to start with a canon vamp fic as it's not so much of a shock, so I now recommend And With Thee Fade Away by Derdriu oFaolain or Hide and Drink by Savage7289. Having said that, if you're going straight for AH, The Office by tby789 is a great place to start.

Can you suggest a fic to be recommended on the blog?

Charming Beauty Bright by EvilGiraffe82. It's just so beautiful.

And now for a bit of fun…

Give a shout out to your team!

The Twisluts who got me into the mess have been the most amazing, supportive, funny, fabulous bunch of women I've ever met. Dream, who keeps me sane, Hooch & Evil who beta like goddesses, and all the other sluts – Neon, Penguin, Robs, Mystic, Team, Dawny, Never, Weasy, Pfft, Eric, Aleene, Tilly, CHB, Sandy, Honey, Dharma, Z, Omi and I've probably forgotten someone but I fuckin love you all.

Oh, and this crazy lady called Mel. Her too.

Stephanie Meyer’s Bella… Strong, independent woman and a role model for all girls, or a sniveling, whiny, spineless twit? And do you that KStew makes a good Bella? Anybody you think could’ve done it better?

When I first read the books I didn't think too deeply about Bella. I guess I empathized with the stumbling, blushing, misfit side of her character, but I certainly wouldn't see her as a role model. I think KStew does a good job portraying the character that SM wrote – she gets demonized for it but she actually sticks pretty close to how Bella was originally written. It's not her fault if SM wrote her as a sniveling, whiny, spineless twit...

Ever imagine yourself in the place of a character in the fics you read? (It’s the lemons, isn’t it? Naughty naughty!)

Of course! Mostly wishing I had a peen so I could be Jasper getting blown by Edward. Damn.

Let’s say that your friends and family don’t know that you write fanfiction. You’re at the office, or the family get together, and someone mentions that they’ve been reading this fanfiction online. As you listen to them recount the details of this story, you realize with growing horror that this is your story! How do you react?

It would depend on the reactions of the other people listening! I'm really rubbish at keeping secrets and tend to spill inappropriate information at the slightest provocation, so if the people reacted favorably I'd be sorely tempted to confess. But in the more likely situation that the reactions were shock and disapproval, I'd probably excuse myself from the room pretty swiftly before I opened my big mouth.

Thank you for participating!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Night Slash: The Eye by @lilmizzhyde

Welcome back my loves! I hope y’all are doing well this fine Friday night and are ready for another fabulous slash rec!
This week I’m reccing The Eye by MizzHyde. This woman is fantastic and boy does she know how to write some hot boy sexing. Originally written for the Eurofornication Contest, The Eye is an Edward/Riley story and she claims is mostly just smut, but having read (and loved) this story, I can promise you that there is more to it than just smut! (Although, the smut is hot and definitely worth the read!)
Riley is a twenty-two year old boy from the US who is in line to get on They Eye, one of the main tourist attractions in London. He’s very nervous about this and when he realizes that the capsules don’t stop for you to get on, he leaves the line and basically passes out!
He’s rescued by Edward Cullen, the owner of a bar and by far the prettiest man in Europe. Edward helps Riley to his bar and gives him some water to help him feel better.
Then he offers a behind-the-scenes tour of the establishment which ends up in Edward’s room where the hot-as-hell smut takes place. Imagine Riley and Edward, together, nekkid, and lick/suck/fucking each other to oblivion…
Yeah, I need a shower now too!
Afterwards, Edward heads back down to work and Riley takes a nap. (I’d need a nap too if I’d just had the fucking of a lifetime by Edward Cullen!)
When Riley wakes up and emerges from Edward’s quarters, Edward takes him out and surprises him with something, but you’re going to have to read the whole one shot in order to find out exactly what that is.
Here’s a peek into this fabulous one-shot:
We finally emerged from the cellars and Edward gestured for me to go up another flight of stairs leading to a level above the bar. I asked him what was up there. He grinned like a cat.

"Staff quarters," he said, running his tongue over his lower lip. "Want to see?"

Decision time. He was leaning against the wall, looking quite relaxed, waiting for me to go up, or leave. I felt no pressure; I was sure I could walk away with no problems. But I really, really didn't want to. I turned deliberately and started walking up the stairs slowly, swinging my hips the tiniest bit, to let him know I knew exactly what I was being asked. I had climbed half a dozen steps when I realised he wasn't following me. I paused and looked over my shoulder.

He was standing at the base of the stairs, staring up at me with his mouth hanging slightly open. It was my turn to raise my eyebrows. I know I have a damn fine ass.

He took the stairs two at a time, grabbing my hand and sweeping me up with him. He didn't slow down or look at me again, producing a key from his pocket and unlocking the first door in the hallway. The door slammed behind us and he was pushing me against it, his mouth on mine in an instant.

His lips felt like fire, so, so hot and needy. I dropped my backpack and surrendered, grasping the fabric of his tee at his back and pulling him in harder.

"Jesus, Riley," he gasped when we broke for air, "I've been wanting to do this from the second I saw you outside."

"Do you do this a lot?" I asked, helplessly, as Edward ran his lips along my jaw, nipping at the skin under my ear.

"Do what?" he mumbled into my neck, running his hands under my tee, those long fingers exploring my ribs and stomach.

"Bring home waifs and strays?" I moaned, not entirely sure why I was asking.

He stopped what he was doing and looked at me.

"Does that bother you?" he asked, candidly. "Because I'll be honest with you, I'm not exactly a steady date."

I must have looked like a startled rabbit. I was kicking myself for stopping him doing what he was doing. I answered him by grabbing his head and pulling him towards me to kiss his mouth again. As long as his mouth and hands were on me I could deal with everything else later.

So there you have it and I suggest you get on it! You won’t be disappointed I promise! Don’t forget to review!

Tune in tomorrow for our Saturday Sit Down author interview. I will be doing an in-depth interview with MizzHyde and I can guarantee you are in for a perv-tastic good time! She’s amazing!

Don’t forget if there’s a fic you want to see reviewed or recc’d on the Friday Night Slash segment, you can e-mail me at and I will get it on here!

Until next week my slashy loves!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Password Protected: Only 98% Effective" by lexiecullen17

          Hello again! I’ve got another rec for you to celebrate today. This week you need to go check out Password Protected: Only 98% Effective by lexiecullen17, the winner of the High Times Contest. This o/s is a full of laughs and giggles, and will surely tickle your funny bone.

Summer internship, week two. Yesterday was my twenty-first birthday. I spent it in my small sublet, drinking Heineken and watching a Daily Show marathon. This is what happens when you take an incredible opportunity to further your career instead of staying in Massachusetts where you're from—where all your friends are—the summer before your senior year of college. I can't complain too much. The internship is going to look spectacular on my resume. Working as a full-time paid intern in the legal department for one of the top lobbying firms in DC? And Dad definitely pulled some strings to get me here. No, I really can't really complain. But I'm going to. I know I'm not the friendliest guy, and I know my dad sent me to this firm in the hopes that I'd make some friends, but it's just not happening. I didn't even tell anyone it was my big birthday yesterday. No wonder I celebrated by myself. Maybe it's because I don't want to know anyone but her. Today, I'm going to find out her name. No, really. I know I said that yesterday, but today's the day. Wish me luck.
Edward, out.

          Edward is crushing on Bella, the IT girl, and decides to introduce himself one day in the break room. They begin spending their lunches together, going through their coworkers work emails, laughing at their coworkers. After weeks of spending their lunch holed up in Bella’s office, Bella finally takes him to her secret spot outside the office to enjoy a little… herb *smirks* Edward and Bella run into each other in the outside world, Bella take s him back to her apartment to meet Alice and Jasper, and have some fun. When Edward catches Bella going through his email account, their friendship is almost ruined, until Bella reveals a secret to everyone that makes Edward feel like a fool. They make up, and the future is looking good.  It’s a funny little piece and well worth your time, so get off your seat and move your feet!

So grab a drink and enjoy!

“Password Protected: Only 98% Effective” by lexiecullen17:

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Magic Monday's featuring dracosoftie!

Holla peeps!

Yeah, I said ‘holla’. I am so urban, sometimes it hurts. Like when my friend’s smack me upside the head for saying things like ‘holla’.

Anyway, enough about my deficiencies (read: awesomeness), on to this week’s rec! We are once again jumping on the Drarry bandwagon with a fic called...

Now, this story isn’t one that really needs to get more lovin’, it’s well known and well reviewed but hot damn, it’s a good story. You need to know about it.

From the author:
Through a series of emails from an online dating site, Harry thinks he's found his perfect match. Will the bond they've forged survive after their identities are revealed? H/D. Warnings for slash, language and explicit sexual content.

Oh my god, the sexual content. Wait, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself here.

What I love about this fic, besides the sexual content, is that the characters are wonderfully real, charming and the incorporation of an online dating site totally made me giggle the first time I read the summary. I mean, c’mon, online wizarding dating? Sign me up. Sorry hubby, mama has an itch to scratch...

Here’s a taste of the fic...

"Listen to this one, Draco! He's perfect for you," Blaise said with mock delight, scrolling down to read one of the hundreds of ads posted to the online dating site Draco had joined the week before.

"Looking for a wizard to share quiet, candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach and relaxing vacations. Picture me as tall, dark and handsome like Harry Potter. You should be fit and attractive as well. I prefer relationships to one-offs, but either is welcome."

Draco made a face, groaning as he lowered his head to the desk. Perhaps Blaise had been right when he told Draco that only wankers posted to these online services. His shoulders tightened, but he blew out a breath and forced himself to relax. They couldn't all be losers. After all, he had posted to the service, hadn't he?

"I am agog at your hilarity, Blaise," he said dryly.

"No? This one, then. He wants someone who will 'allow me to dominate you in every sense of the word'," Blaise said, looking at Draco with a grin.

So, like I said before there is totally some sexual content...tiny bit of kinky sexual content too so if that’s not your cuppa then...perhaps not. When I say kinky I don’t mean Harry is dressed in Ginny’s knickers and telling Draco to spank him (although someone should totally write a fic like that, I would die laughing) but I mean minor things like cock rings and...well, I’ll let you find out. Personally, I was like “woo hoo!” the entire time but then again, I’m a bit (read: completely) of a pervert. Say it loud, say it proud. I like me some boy lovin’.

As always, let the author know if you enjoy this fic! Everyone needs a good ego stroke here and there! And don’t forget to drop me a line ( if you have a fic (even if it’s your own, self-pimpage people, do it) that you think I should recommend!

Toodles, yo!
(See? Keepin' it real).

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Saturday Sit-Down with AlexisDanaan

Let’s start off with the basics…

What’s your penname?
I go by Alexis.Danaan on and “AlexisDanaan” on Twilighted because apparently Twilighted has something against periods. Oh, and I’m on but I’ve only one story posted there.

Where do you post most often?, without a doubt. It’s more user friendly and you don’t have to be a member to read fiction on there like some other sites.

What’s your favorite pairing? Favorite genre?
Oooohh… well it depends on the fandom we’re talking about. When it comes to Twilight I’m a big Jasper/Bella fan, and a close runner up would be Jasper/ Edward. I’m not a big canon fan when it comes to Twilight. When it comes to my first love, Harry Potter fandom, it’s a hard tie between Harry/Draco and Draco/Hermione. I can’t get enough of either pairing.

Genre? I don’t like anything too dark or angsty, no major character death. I can’t stand that kind of pain in a story, I go to fanfiction to escape my own reality, not get bogged down in more of the depressing shit I see around me every day. I need Happily Ever Afters or I get really, really pissy.

Is there a pairing or genre that you absolutely cannot stand?
When it comes to Twilight? I can’t stand Jake and Nessie. I’m sorry, gross. Just no. I think that that whole thing in Canon is just… no. I hate Jake, period, so I don’t like to see him in ANY story unless he’s being left by the wayside.

As for HP, I’ve never been able to stand anything with Snape and one of the trio, I know that Snape/Hermione or Snape/Harry is pretty popular in some circles but I have a thing with age, and adults shouldn’t be sleeping with kids, even if it’s fiction. That goes for the Next Gen stuff that a lot of people write, I’ve nothing against those who like it, just not my cuppa.

What got you into the Twilight Fandom? It’s all the hot guys, wasn’t it? Don’t lie.
Honest to god, it wasn’t the hot men, but that IS what makes me go see shitty movie after shitty movie LOL. There are three things that got me into the Twilight fandom: One—I wanted to know what happened to Edward and Bella and their happily ever after, I felt that it ended too abruptly for me. Two—OH MY GOD MEYER,  HAVE YOU NEVER HAD SEX BEFORE? Christ! I wanted to see Edward screw Bella into a damn mattress, or a wall, or the fucking forest floor but NOOOO Meyer can’t give me that, can she!? So, I went and found it myself, HA! And third—Twilight, as written by Meyer, is so poorly constructed it makes my English major’s heart weep. I knew of fanfiction before Twilight and I knew I’d find some amazing stuff, which I have.

What do you find to be the most challenging part about writing your fics?
Balancing my real life responsibilities with the urge, no, the need, to write. I write a LOT, a lot more than I post, but my real life doesn’t often leave me with enough time to actually sit down and just churn it out the way I would like. At this very moment I have…*counts in head* four stories on the go, one of which I NEED to finish ‘cause it’s half posted on my profile.

Damn, being an adult blows.

Best review you’ve ever received? Worst?
The best reviews are the ones where my readers just talk to me, they tell me about how they related to something in the story, or in my A/N and tell me about their lives and I love it. I love that, even though this is the internet and very few of us truly know each other, that they feel comfortable enough to tell me about their lives. It never fails to make me smile. It’s how I made most of my friends on the fandom, including the lovely man who runs this blog.

I’ve had some flamers but you know what? Haters gonna hate. Blow me, bitches. 

How do you get into the zone? What’s your method for getting the creative juices flowing? Dancing around your living room in nothing but a baseball cap, weird shit like that?
You’ve been peeking in my windows, haven’t you? o.O
Ha! Well, I do dance around my living room on a regular basis but I usually have underwear on…usually. ANYWAY! Haha, to get into the zone I usually have to have had a good day, and no distractions. It doesn’t happen often but when I feel that need, I tell my hubs to leave me the fuck alone unless someone is dying and I attack my keyboard. Tea and music are also required; I use the music to block out the sounds of the world around me so that I don’t get distracted. I am easily dis…oooh, new Criminal Minds is out! I love Reid, he’s just so funny and cute in that dorky kind of…

Do your friends and family in your real life know about your fanfiction alter-ego?
Er…’bout that…
Not really? Okay, my best friend in the whole world knows, and has even read some of my stuff, but she’s not really into fanfiction so she’s by no means a regular reader. My hubs knows but has never read any, I won’t let him. No one else knows except for one of my best friends Jen, but I met her THROUGH the fandom so of course she knows. And yes, she’s a “real life” friend now, we visit each other on a fairly regular basis.

What do you look for in a good fanfic?
A reasonable, well thought out and well developed plot with believable characters. I just can’t get into something if I think it’s not realistic in terms of progression and development. Another thing that makes me flounce a fic is when the grammar is really poor or you can tell it was written by a very young person. 12 year olds should not be writing M level fiction, sorry, no.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Anything you’d like to share with us? Married, single? Kids? Covert CIA agent? Alaskan crab fisherman?
Haha, crab fisherman? Hells no, I’ve seen that show, Deadliest Catch. No fucking way.
I’m not married, but I am engaged to a wonderful man who completes me in every way. I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the first vehicle I learned how to drive was a 1 ton tow truck. Neato, eh? I can actually tow a car on both your standard 1 ton or a flatbed truck, I learned when I was a kid because that’s what my father did for a living.
The first thing I crashed into was a light pole in the middle of a deserted parking lot, I was 13. All I can say is thank god the wheel lift is made of solid metal. *ahem*

Spill! What’s you guilty pleasure? I promise not to judge you, as long as it isn’t Justin Beiber.
Ooohh baby, baby, OOOHHH!
I’m sorry. I’m kidding, I’M KIDDING! DON’T SHUN ME!
Hmm…guilty pleasure? To be perfectly honest, Twilight is my guilty pleasure lol. I am so ashamed and so enamored at the same time.

Do you have a favorite published author? Someone that actually has printed novels with a publishing house, like Stephanie Meyer.
J.K. Rowling, of course and my first love, Juliet Marillier. She writes historical fantasy fiction, usually set in ancient Ireland. A combination of all my favourite things! AND she’s one of those really nice people who actually talks to her fans (via her FB page) and has full on conversations with them. She’s answered several of my questions about publishing and the like. If you like fantasy novels, I highly suggest you check out her Sevenwaters Series.

Favorite musical artist? Anything we should definitely check out?
Oh god, don’t get me started. Right now I am listening to “Beautiful Trash” by Lanu, ft. Megan Washington and I love it. You should check it out. Other than that, I listen to a lot of alternative rock bands or “garage bands” as some call them. Razorlight, Something Corporate, Keane, Damien Rice, Stars, Arcade Fire, Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox 20. I am also a little bit obsessed with Adele right now.

Time to spread the love…

Who do you drop everything for, including the urn with your great grandmother inside, and run to the computer when you get an update?
Hahaha, urn with my great grandmother? I don’t have an urn with my great grandmother in it! If I did, I would toss her dusty ass out the bloody window for Cheryl Dyson, forthelongestday, PastichePen and Sara’s Girl.

Man, I should watch what I say. One day it will be me in the urn…hmm…

Do you have an author that you fangirl over? And do you squee? I do. Many times.
I got the chance to interview Cheryl Dyson the other day and I totally squeed! I haven’t actually “met” (and by met, I mean talked to) most of the authors that I really like mainly because I’m not the kind of person who gushes a lot, I’m waaaay more cool than that lol. No, not really cool at all, but still, I don’t publicly gush often so most of them have no idea I exist lol

If you were to break someone into the Twilight Fandom, what fic would you give them to read first?
It depends on what they’re looking for, I’d be sure to ask them about what they liked and didn’t like about the canon before I recommended them. Some people squick out at slash, even though I love it, and other’s can’t stand the idea of Edward with anyone other than Bella. If they’re canon lovers, I’d give them something like Edward Wallbanger. If they like slash I’d rec some A Tangible Dichotomy or At The Deep End, if they liked non-canon het I’d point them towards A Murmur of Fire in the Vein.

Can you suggest a fic to be recommended on the blog?

Hells. Yes. Oh god, where to start. Long Way Down by forthelongestday, Yesternight by PastichePen, Just Like Chocolate by FarDareisMai2, A Tangible Dichotomy by PerfectlyPersuasive, Of Swans and Silence by Edward’s Chipper, Holding Out For You by ObsessingOverEdward. There are so many more but that should keep you busy for a while ;)

And now for a bit of fun…

Give a shout out to your team!
TEAM WHITLOCK, BITCHES! *looks at her bestest fandom friend, Chipper, and sticks her tongue out*

Stephanie Meyer’s Bella… Strong, independent woman and a role model for all girls, or a sniveling, whiny, spineless twit? And do you that KStew makes a good Bella? Anybody you think could’ve done it better?
I think that KStew makes an excellent CANON Bella, because she’s so fucking awkward. Honestly, I can’t stand KStew’s acting, she doesn’t ACT she just stands there and looks socially inept.

As for Meyer’s Bella, as I’m sure you’ve deduced, I think she’s a twit. She’s got no SPINE! Edward walked away from you, he left you in the damn woods after some little shit filled spiel about what’s better for you and then you just accept him back? Jesus, controlling relationship much?

The biggest problem that I have with Meyer’s story, and this is mainly an issue for parents of young girls, is that this story appeals to the tweens as much as it does the adults, but while the adults know the difference between fiction and reality, good relationships and bad, and the extenuating circumstances of Edward’s personality due to his immortality, little girls do not. They do not know that it’s not okay for someone to sneak into your room and watch you sleep (creepy much, Meyer?), to tell you that you can’t see your friends, etc, etc. That is an issue that I think too many parents do not take up with their young daughters who read and watch Twilight.

Ever imagine yourself in the place of a character in the fics you read? (It’s the lemons, isn’t it? Naughty naughty!)
Um, how do you think I write my lemons? Oh, Jasper, take me you naughty, naughty boy. Up against a tree? Why am I still wearing clothes, handsome?

*drifts off into a daydream*

Let’s say that your friends and family don’t know that you write fanfiction. You’re at the office, or the family get together, and someone mentions that they’ve be reading this fanfiction online. As you listen to them recount the details of this story, you realize with growing horror that this is your story! How do you react?
I try to hide my furiously blushing face and put on an air of nonchalance if they notice, I do not say a word about it being mine, NOT A WORD. Then I whip out my blackberry so I can share the hilarity/horror of my situation with fandom friends.

Thank you for participating!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Slash: Bittersweet by @mw138

Welcome back to the Friday Night Slash Segment. This week I decided to take bit of a different route and rec a sweet little fic that’s totally captured my heart.
It’s a Jacob/Edward and a W.I.P. but it’s worth the wait for the chapters.  The story is called Bittersweet by mw138 and I’m totally in love.
Our boys used to be best friends and there are several hints that they used to be lovers in the first couple chapters. Jasper takes the plunge and e-mails Edward for the first time in a long time.
They spend several chapters catching up on each other’s lives and just reconnecting. As of right now, there was a major turning point just revealed and I can’t wait to see where it’s going.
The way Meg writes this piece is so sweet yet it totally keeps you guessing. You want to know where it’s going, what’s going to happen, and most of all you want to know what happened to these two that drove them apart in the first place.
I am anxiously awaiting the newest chapter and what it reveals for these two boys!
Here’s a sneak peak into the first chapter of Bittersweet:

From: jwhitlock(a)emailco(dot)com
To: edwardacullen(a)emailco(dot)com
Subject: Hello
Date: March 13, 2010 2:10 p.m.


How are you doing? I'm sure you're probably shocked to hear from me, and I debated for a long time whether or not to even try to contact you, especially after all these years. I'm not even sure if this email address still works, but it doesn't hurt to try.

I hear some pretty great things have taken place in your life in the past couple of years. You're married now with a child. Wow, I'm almost speechless, but very happy for you. I'm sure you're a great father, and Isabella is a lucky woman. I'm glad things worked out for you and that you have the perfect family.
Me? Well, I'm still single, unfortunately. I guess I haven't found the right guy since we parted. It's not for lack of trying though. *wink* On the flip side, my professional life has been incredible! I recently made partner at my law firm, and I couldn't be happier…or busier.

Um, I guess I also wanted to contact you to say how sorry I am for how things ended between us. I could just say that we were young and stupid and didn't know how to handle the little bumps in our relationship, and that's probably true, but I also have a feeling that we just weren't on the same page. You wanted to settle down and have a family, while I was hell bent on making a name for myself. It looks like both of our dreams came true. There's not one thing I regret in our relationship, except losing my best friend in the end. I miss going to Flannigan's and having a beer while playing pool with you. But there's no use in crying over spilled milk.

I hope this email finds its way to you. I wish you all the happiness in the world, Edward. I really do.

Take care of yourself!




To: jwhitlock(a)emailco(dot)com
From: edwardacullen(a)emailco(dot)com
Subject: Re: Hello
Date: April 15, 2010 5:30 a.m.


To say that I'm shocked to hear from you would the understatement of the year. Frankly, I never expected to hear from you ever again, but I'm pleasantly surprised.

Congratulations on making partner! I know that was a dream of yours and I'm glad it was actualized.

You're a great lawyer and your firm is lucky to have you on its team. Yes, I am married and have a beautiful little girl named Alice. She's gorgeous, Jasper – the light of my life. Bella and I have made a pretty good life. She's a teacher as well. Actually, that's how we met, but I don't want to bore you with the details.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I, obviously, still use the same email address after all these years, and I could blame the delay on work or taking care of the baby, but it was none of that.
Responding to you scared the shit out of me, and I didn't know what to say. For years I've thought about what I would say to you if we were ever in contact again, but when I saw your name in my inbox, my mind went blank. I just sat at my computer and couldn't force my fingers to type…

There's no need to apologize, so please don't.

I better go. I have to get ready for work, and I think I just heard Alice start to cry….actually wail is more
like it.

It was good hearing from you again, Jasper.


To: jwhitlock(a)emailco(dot)com
From: edwardacullen(a)emailco(dot)com
Subject: Re: Hello
Date: April 15, 2010 6:03 a.m.

P.S. I miss my best friend too.
Alright, now that you’ve had a taste, I know you want more J head on over to her profile and check out this sweet and lovely little fic! Also, feel free to check out any of her other awesome fics, they are always so sweet, sexy, and well written!
Don’t forget, if there is a story or an author you want to see rec’d on here, hit me up at and I’ll do my best to get it done!
Thanks for taking this journey with me J I’ll see you next week!

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"Red" by 22blue

            Well, this week I’ve got another gem for you to give a read. Red by 22blue is a short multi-chapter fic, but it still has a lot of emotion to it. It’s a Bella/Edward (I know Jasper fans, calm down; you’ll get another B/J soon!). The story pulls you in with a sexy lemon and a shady plot. As the first chapter continues, more of the storyline is revealed:

His daughter nodded, his wife disregarded him, and Edward rose from the table and walked toward the bar.

A waiter approached Bella's table and set down a cup of warm tea with lemon. She opened the folded cocktail napkin the waiter carefully and cautiously placed next to the saucer and silently read the words scrawled on it.

I am the only one who can make you come the way you need.

Bella searched for Edward, her acquaintance none the wiser, but saw him nowhere. For a moment, she hoped Edward might be waiting for her in a less public location in the restaurant, then dismissed her rash thought... it wasn't Monday.

She also knew Edward would have taken more than Mondays, however this was her rule: only one night per week. Bella looked at Edward's wife and daughter. He'd never confirmed he had a family; she assumed he did, though. They all did.

Bella watched his daughter, noticing her brown and golden curls, the simple gold ball-shaped earrings she wore. She noticed her subtle yet precise movements, the way she carefully cut into her cake with her fork. Bella thought how much the young girl resembled her father. As Bella looked at Edward's wife, the way she paid little attention to the girl, she surmised the woman was despondent and cold. Bella unknowingly smiled, thinking of how she satisfied Edward, and how his wife would never be what Bella was to him. Still, a small and surprising ache presented itself in Bella's chest.

Excusing herself from the table, Bella approached Edward's daughter and wife. Politely, introducing herself as someone who couldn't help but notice the pretty little girl, she knelt next to the child and wished her a happy birthday. It was clear to Bella that it was the girl's birthday given the cake and present sitting on the table.

She asked Edward's daughter to hold out her hand.

Bella glanced at Edward's wife and said, "A beautiful girl should have beautiful things." Bella placed her diamond stud earrings in the girl's hand – the same earrings she'd purchased with Edward's money. She then gently folded his daughter's fingers over them.

"You're a lucky woman," Bella commented to Edward's wife then walked back to her table.

            Bella is an escort and Edward one of her clients. The story is told from a third person POV, and captivates you with the interaction and emotion between the two lovers. When they meet again, their feelings for each other become stronger and interfere with their arrangements. When it becomes too much for Bella to handle, she attempts suicide. When at the hospital, Edward tries to visit her and is confronted by her doctor and Edward’s godfather Dr. Reyes. After a brief visit and a fourteen day hold in the hospital, Dr. Reyes makes special arrangements for Bella to be treated by him privately in his lake house. Bella meets Dr. Reyes’ partner Jasper, and becomes fast friends.

            Throughout her stay at the lake house, Bella and Edward face the issues of Bella’s past and Edward’s marriage, and their future. In the end, they leave together for a vacation in Paris while Edward’s divorce is finalized. When they return to Seattle, Bella gets work as a florist at Clearwater Florists. When Edward’s ex confronts Bella at the florist shop, she packs all her belongings and leaves.

           The last chapter consists of the two lovers writing back and forth between each other. Only showing a few letters, their correspondence spans ten years. With a push from Edward’s daughter Senna, Edwards goes to win Bella back. The story ends with Edward and Bella together at Senna’s graduation. This story is a great mix of love and sadness, with a hint of lemon.

So grab a drink and enjoy!

“Red” by 22blue