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Friday Night Slash: A Madness Most Discreet by @vampthenewblack

Hello my lovely slash lovers! Welcome back to the Friday Night Slash segment. I can’t believe it’s Friday already again! Time flies huh? Anyway... this week I’m bringing you a fantastic two-shot called A Madness Most Discreet by vampireisthenewblack.
I read this a while ago when it was an entry in the In the Closet one-shot contest. I loved it then and I still love it now. Written from Jasper’s POV, he thinks Edward Cullen hates his guts because he ignores him all the time.
The thing about that is that Jasper is in love with him. His sister has been dating Emmett’s older brother forever and they are doing the whole ‘families getting to know each other dinner’ and for once, Edward approaches Jasper in Biology and asks him if he’s going to talk to him on Saturday so they don’t ruin it for everyone else.
When Jasper is forced to be social at the party, he can’t help but be bewildered by Edward’s actions. He still ignores Jasper but has some nice things to say about him when asked.
Jasper is sent to the kitchen to clean up and soon Edward joins him, telling Jasper his mother sent him to help. After several moments of tension and awkward silence, Edward finally confronts Jasper. This leads to some sexy realizations.
Chapter two is a continuation of the first scene and explains quite a bit. I don’t want to ruin it for you but I can promise you some citrusy good times featuring our beloved Major!
Here is a sneak peek into chapter one:
I try to hide out in my room, but Rose comes up and says I'd better come down and be sociable. Mom and Dad will be pissed if either of us embarrasses them. The Cullen's are the richest family in town, so of course we have to impress them.

So I smile dutifully as Mom extols my grades and the few advanced classes I'm taking, and cringe as Dad bemoans the fact I don't play any sports, not like their Emmett who is the captain of the football team.

"I don't play sport either," says Edward Cullen from the corner of the room where he's sitting on a loveseat with his twin, Alice.

Everyone stares, because he's not said a word since the greetings when they arrived, and he blushes. Alice is grinning at me and I don't know why.

"Jasper tells me you're top of the class in Biology, Edward," my mother says, and the only reason she has this information is because she drilled me before they arrived. But of course Edward doesn't know this, and I'm trying to decipher the look on his face because I can't decide if it's worried or surprised or...happy?

Alice is still grinning at me. Edward doesn't answer my mother at first. After the initial surprise or whatever it was he looks embarrassed, and shakes his head and says: "Jasper's lots smarter than me," and even though he's talking about me, saying my name (and it sounds so good the way he says it), he's ignoring me again.

I know Alice even less than I know Edward. She's not in any of my classes. Her opinion of me seems to be the polar opposite of his, because she's always smiling at me, and she keeps seeking me out to talk about school or something. It's the only time she leaves his side.

I can't understand why he insisted I talk to him, because he's doing his best to completely ignore me, and I'm sure it's becoming obvious to everyone here that he can't stand me.

I'm so preoccupied I miss it at first when Mom asks me to go start clearing up in the kitchen, but when I realise I go thankfully, just to get away from him. Even though he's quiet and as far away from me as he can possibly be while still being in the same room, the space seems filled with him.

The kitchen is large and white and cold and empty by contrast. Every scrape of a dish is loud, even the water running is deafening.

Then something changes. The door opens behind me and the sound of voices from the living room flows in and then is cut off again. The room is full, the air thick, and I know he's behind me because I can feel his eyes on the back of my neck.

He doesn't want to be here, he can't stand me.

Okay, so here’s the scoop people, vampireisthenewblack is fantastic. And when I say fantastic I mean totally and utterly ridiculously talented. Her fic, Say Something Else is positively one of the most amazingly written (and saddest, I cried for nearly the entire time) I’ve ever read. It’s beautiful and worth a read also!
I assure you, if you take the time to read both fics you won’t regret it! I’m willing to put money on it! Also, after you read, don’t forget the review that lets her know I sent you!
Until next week my lovelies,

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