Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Night Slash: If Only by @SadTomatoFF

Hello everyone and welcome to the Friday Night Slash section of the blog! Tonight, for my first installment, I’m bringing you a fic that has received some good attention but I think with your help, we can give it some more tender loving care!
The story is If Only by SadTomato and the pairing is Jacob/Edward and they are roommates/best friends. Jacob is a gay dude, Edward is a straight dude and neither one of them has ever had a problem with the other’s choice in partners.
There’s only one problem, Jacob is crazy in love with Edward.
He realizes that there will probably never be anything between them besides his fantasies but then things begin to change slowly. One night after Jacob gets home from the club, he heads toward his room but as he walks by Edward’s room, he notices the door is open which is unusual but the most noticeable thing is that he’s jacking off under his sheets.
Eventually he notices Jake standing there and he continues to put on a show for Jake. Jake is turned on more than ever by this but doesn’t make a move to relieve him because he doesn’t want to scare Edward into stopping.
Things continue to escalate in the weeks following the incident and one day they end up having an adult-ish conversation about the things that happened and Edward reveals some things to Jake.
The story is complete as of now with some promise of more outtakes in the future.
I have fallen so much in love with this story and these boys and I’m positive that you will too if you give it a chance! I know Jake/Edward is a pairing that’s a hard ‘no-no’ for some people but this one leaves you begging for more as soon as possible. The thing is, since it’s complete, you don’t have to wait for updates like I did and that makes you some lucky readers!
SadTomato brings the drama to the table in a realistic but sexy as fuck tale of the relationship of these two boys, along with the insecurities and fights and problems that come up along the way. Take a chance and I promise you will not be disappointed…
Here’s a small taste of the first chapter of If Only:
The living room is quiet, though. The TV is off. The lights are all off, except for one lamp that Edward's clearly left on for me. I grab myself a beer from the kitchen and head to my bedroom, resigned to a night of Internet porn and getting myself off. I walk past Edward's room and pause; the door is open, which is unusual.

All of the lights are off, but the city lights and moonlight streaming through his window illuminate him perfectly. He's lying in bed, a dark grey sheet covering him up to his waist. His eyes are closed, but he's clearly still awake. What draws my attention-aside from his exposed chest-is the hand that's under that sheet. The movement at his crotch.

I hold my breath, desperate to stay quiet so he doesn't stop. My heart starts pounding, probably to accommodate all the extra blood rushing to my dick. I can feel it getting harder, pushing against the front of my jeans, and I fleetingly imagine Edward stroking my cock like he's stroking his own.

He moves his free hand under the sheet too, and groans a little as he changes his technique. I can't see exactly what he's doing, but it looks like he's playing with his balls too. Fuck, that's hot. I turn my body slightly so I'm pressed against the door jamb; thrusting my hips against it relieves some of the ache in my dick. My cheek is leaning against the cool wood, and I take slow, shallow breaths as I watch Edward pleasure himself.

He curses a little under his breath and shifts on the bed, switching hands. My eyes are locked on the movement under his sheet, and I want more than anything for that sheet to be gone. I let my eyes flicker up to his abs, his chest, his tight, pale nipples. I want to lick them, bite them. I want to bite his collarbones, nip at his throat, suck hard until his skin is bruised. Oh, and his fucking Adam's apple... I want to lick that too, and nuzzle it with my nose, and scrape my teeth over it. When I finally let myself look back up at his face, my body jerks back from the doorway in shock.

His eyes are open, and staring right into mine.

He grins, and I'm about to apologize, but I notice that the movement under the sheet hasn't stopped.

He's still doing it. He's still jerking off, right in front of me, and he knows that I'm watching. The thought makes me infinitely fucking harder, and I decide that I'm not going to be the first one to walk away. If he doesn't want me to watch, he'll stop doing what he's doing.

My breath hitches when I see his right hand reappear from under the sheet. Fuck. He's going to stop.

His left hand is still moving though, so I have hope. His right hand rests on his stomach, his fingertips scratching lazily at the trail of hair there. God, that little fucking happy trail that taunts me every fucking day. I want to press my face into it, kiss it, feel the scratchy little hairs against my cheek.

I start to wonder what he's thinking-worrying that maybe he's slowing down and waiting for me to leave-but he's still smiling. Still touching himself. Still letting me watch.

The palm of his right hand flattens on his belly, and he slides it down lower. I think it's going under the sheet again, but this time... this time he catches the edge of the sheet in his fingertips and pushes it down. Right over the hard line of his dick, over where his left hand is squeezing and rolling his balls.


That’s it for this week, remember, if you have a story you’d like to see me rec, any pairing, any subject, feel free to e-mail me at or come find me on twitter: @JasperLuver48 J
Enjoy the boy love and I’ll be back next Friday Night with some more hot sexin’!

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