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Magic Monday's Featuring Arcadian Maggie!

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This week I bring to you a “Next Gen” fic! For those of you who haven’t heard of “Next Gen”, these stories focus on the children of our beloved main characters, like Albus Severus, James, Lilly Luna, Scorpius, Teddy, Fred, etc.

I’d like to note that this O/S was written for a very special woman’s birthday, Robyn (otherwise known as rmhale). I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic people through the fandom, some of the strongest, bravest women dwell here and Robyn is one of them.

Also, the word “jizz” is synonymous with “Robyn”, just sayin’.

Common Ground by Arcadian Maggie

Maggie is a very talented author who ships in the slash and crosses into the Twilight fandom as well as the Harry Potter one, if you like a good Twific, you should check out her profile!

What I loved about this story was the sweet innocence that these two boys, Scorpius and Albus, display whilst trying to figure out how they feel about their changing lives. It’s a story about discovering that who you truly are is not always what you thought and that as we learn and grow, we change.

From the author: The Malfoys have always hated the Potters, and the Potters have always hated the Malfoys. At least that's what Scorpius Malfoy always thought until he caught his father kissing Mr. Potter. A next gen birthday fic for rmhale. Slash. Rated M.

Here’s a little taste of the fic…

The first thing he noticed is that while he was studying Albus, Albus appeared to be studying him right back. Whereas before they had been circumspect in their rivalry, never acknowledging it directly, now Albus would hold his eye in frank appraisal. Occasionally, Scorpius would see that familiar crease on his brow, the one that meant he was deep in thought. Sometimes, as they held each other's gazes, Albus' cheeks would flush, as they had when Scorpius had first caught him smiling, but the smile itself never made a re-appearance.

He watched Albus' interactions with the other members of his house. Scorpius had always considered the boy stuck-up and aloof, never speaking to many aside from a few close friends, and of course, his cousin Rose. The more he studied him, the more he began to think he had been wrong. It wasn't arrogance that had him keeping to himself so much; Albus Potter was painfully shy.

A similar crease to the one that so often decorated Albus' brow appeared on Scorpius' own face. He wondered what else he had gotten wrong. As he stared at Albus in puzzlement, the other boy looked up and caught his gaze again. They were standing closer to each other than was usual, crowding around a plant in the greenhouse while being lectured in Herbology. As their eyes remain locked on the other, that pink tint appeared on Albus' cheeks once more. Scorpius marvelled at how that splash of color made the irises of the other boy's eyes stand out vividly; they were so green. He felt a funny twisting in his stomach as he stared, and when his own cheeks began to heat up, he tore his eyes away, unsettled.

If you haven't guessed, this is a AS/S fic, with a little H/D on the side (as Maggie describes it, heh). I thoroughly enjoyed this story and it put a smile on my face, especially at the end.

As always, give Arcadian Maggie some lovin’ if you enjoyed the story and don’t forget to email me with your suggestions for recs at!

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