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Saturday Sit Down with @lilmizzhyde

Let’s start off with the basics…

What’s your penname?

MizzHyde. And on Twitter I go by @lilmizzhyde

Where do you post most often?

Always on first, but given how fail it often is, everything also goes on Twiwrite too.

What’s your favorite pairing? Favorite genre?

I'm generally an Edward/Jasper fanatic, but will happily read any slash pairing. I love anything with Riley in it, he's my latest crush. I'm not a het hater though, I still read Edward/Bella even if I don't write it. Much.

Is there a pairing or genre that you absolutely cannot stand?

I'm not Alice's biggest fan, and given that I adore Jasper I don't run to read Alice/Jasper. I used to be quite anti-Jacob, but have read some really lovely ones recently so he's growing on me. Mpreg is a big no-no – just so wrong!

What got you into the Twilight Fandom? It’s all the hot guys, wasn’t it? Don’t lie.

It's no secret. It was the smut. I'm not ashamed. It was the dirty, dirty, graphic sexual content. Twilight was my introduction to fanfiction, and I've not been tempted to stray into other fandoms. I've read a bit of HP and some TSN but neither appeal to me the same way. So yeah, it's totally the hot guys!

What do you find to be the most challenging part about writing your fics?

Coming up with a plot. I'm not one of those writers who has a head full of plot bunnies and can't get them all out fast enough. I need a good solid prompt from somewhere else, and a long time to let it ferment in my head before the images and ideas come together.

After that, it's writing the lemons. It's really hard work, honest.

Best review you’ve ever received? Worst?

My favorite reviews are the ones where readers tell me they need to go have some “personal time” after reading. I also had a series of reviews from an amazing woman who analysed my stories like real literature, finding loads of hidden meanings which I had no idea were in there – I loved that. Totally made me look much cleverer than I am.

The worst ones are the ones where the reader tells you they are flouncing your story. I understand that not everyone likes every story, that's fine, go read something else, but do you really need to tell me the exact reasons why you hate it? Especially if it's not something I can do anything about.

How do you get into the zone? What’s your method for getting the creative juices flowing? Dancing around your living room in nothing but a baseball cap, weird shit like that?

Two things are guaranteed to get a story straight or a bunch of detail clear in my head - doing something active like walking or cycling, or settling down to sleep. This is a complete pain because in both cases I can't write anything down and have inevitably forgotten it by the time I get to a computer. This probably explains why I am such a slow writer. Damn.

Do your friends and family in your real life know about your fanfiction alter-ego?

Some of them. My husband does, but doesn't read my stories and thinks it's kinda weird. My sister does, and reads all my stuff and even leaves reviews. (Love ya darling!) One other friend does and also reads a lot of fic but she's not a big slash fan. Some of my fandom friends have become RL friends too. Other than them – no way!

What do you look for in a good fanfic?

You mean apart from the smut? I'm mostly interested in the characters, what drives them, what they think and feel. But I need to have the story move along at a reasonable pace – I have a very short attention span. I love stories where a character is placed in a situation out of their normal experience, so they have to adapt and cope with something new.

And I know it's obvious, but stories full of grammar and spelling errors drive me crazy. We all make the odd mistake, but really, get a beta and check it all properly. I'll stop reading even the most interesting story if I'm fighting with poor editing.

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Anything you’d like to share with us? Married, single? Kids? Covert CIA agent? Alaskan crab fisherman?

I'm not a real person. I'm a slash ficbot programmed by a multi-million dollar corporation for their own nefarious purposes which are currently unclear. They want you to believe that I am a British married woman with two small children, a part-time job and a boysex porn addiction.

Spill! What’s your guilty pleasure? I promise not to judge you, as long as it isn’t Justin Bieber.

Gay internet porn. But I don't feel any guilt. Anyone wants to buy me a Corbin Fisher subscription, you know where to find me. I can't think of anything else. Twi-sluts have no shame. It's in the rules.

Do you have a favorite published author? Someone that actually has printed novels with a publishing house, like Stephanie Meyer.

It's been so long since I read a real book... does J.R.Ward count?

Favorite musical artist? Anything we should definitely check out?

I'm kind of obsessed with Maroon 5. It's probably not cool but I can't help it. I have their albums on repeat. Most of my chapter titles are lines from their songs. And thinking about Adam Levine just does all sorts of tingly things to my girl parts. I really like the Scissor Sisters too. Jake Shears is just perfect. I wish I could be all hip and list a bunch of trendy bands, but, I can't. Oh well.

Time to spread the love…

Who do you drop everything for, including the urn with your great grandmother inside, and run to the computer when you get an update?

Conversed, if she's writing drabbles – I have been known to read these in the school playground and also to get up in the middle of the night for an update. It's a sickness.

Other usual suspects are Lou-la, Savannah-Vee, TeamBella23, TuesdayMidnight, Drizl, Sadtomato and SingleStrand.

Do you have an author that you fangirl over? And do you squee? I do. Many times.

I get terribly overexcited if one of my favorite authors leaves me a review. I tend to send utterly pathetic and squeeling review replies. TeamBella23 recently started reading Since and I nearly passed out.

If you were to break someone into the Twilight Fandom, what fic would you give them to read first?

I've done this a couple of times, and I think it depends on the person. The first fic I read was The List by LauraACullen and I've recommended it as a first to a couple of people with varying degrees of success. I think it's good to start with a canon vamp fic as it's not so much of a shock, so I now recommend And With Thee Fade Away by Derdriu oFaolain or Hide and Drink by Savage7289. Having said that, if you're going straight for AH, The Office by tby789 is a great place to start.

Can you suggest a fic to be recommended on the blog?

Charming Beauty Bright by EvilGiraffe82. It's just so beautiful.

And now for a bit of fun…

Give a shout out to your team!

The Twisluts who got me into the mess have been the most amazing, supportive, funny, fabulous bunch of women I've ever met. Dream, who keeps me sane, Hooch & Evil who beta like goddesses, and all the other sluts – Neon, Penguin, Robs, Mystic, Team, Dawny, Never, Weasy, Pfft, Eric, Aleene, Tilly, CHB, Sandy, Honey, Dharma, Z, Omi and I've probably forgotten someone but I fuckin love you all.

Oh, and this crazy lady called Mel. Her too.

Stephanie Meyer’s Bella… Strong, independent woman and a role model for all girls, or a sniveling, whiny, spineless twit? And do you that KStew makes a good Bella? Anybody you think could’ve done it better?

When I first read the books I didn't think too deeply about Bella. I guess I empathized with the stumbling, blushing, misfit side of her character, but I certainly wouldn't see her as a role model. I think KStew does a good job portraying the character that SM wrote – she gets demonized for it but she actually sticks pretty close to how Bella was originally written. It's not her fault if SM wrote her as a sniveling, whiny, spineless twit...

Ever imagine yourself in the place of a character in the fics you read? (It’s the lemons, isn’t it? Naughty naughty!)

Of course! Mostly wishing I had a peen so I could be Jasper getting blown by Edward. Damn.

Let’s say that your friends and family don’t know that you write fanfiction. You’re at the office, or the family get together, and someone mentions that they’ve been reading this fanfiction online. As you listen to them recount the details of this story, you realize with growing horror that this is your story! How do you react?

It would depend on the reactions of the other people listening! I'm really rubbish at keeping secrets and tend to spill inappropriate information at the slightest provocation, so if the people reacted favorably I'd be sorely tempted to confess. But in the more likely situation that the reactions were shock and disapproval, I'd probably excuse myself from the room pretty swiftly before I opened my big mouth.

Thank you for participating!

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