Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Password Protected: Only 98% Effective" by lexiecullen17

          Hello again! I’ve got another rec for you to celebrate today. This week you need to go check out Password Protected: Only 98% Effective by lexiecullen17, the winner of the High Times Contest. This o/s is a full of laughs and giggles, and will surely tickle your funny bone.

Summer internship, week two. Yesterday was my twenty-first birthday. I spent it in my small sublet, drinking Heineken and watching a Daily Show marathon. This is what happens when you take an incredible opportunity to further your career instead of staying in Massachusetts where you're from—where all your friends are—the summer before your senior year of college. I can't complain too much. The internship is going to look spectacular on my resume. Working as a full-time paid intern in the legal department for one of the top lobbying firms in DC? And Dad definitely pulled some strings to get me here. No, I really can't really complain. But I'm going to. I know I'm not the friendliest guy, and I know my dad sent me to this firm in the hopes that I'd make some friends, but it's just not happening. I didn't even tell anyone it was my big birthday yesterday. No wonder I celebrated by myself. Maybe it's because I don't want to know anyone but her. Today, I'm going to find out her name. No, really. I know I said that yesterday, but today's the day. Wish me luck.
Edward, out.

          Edward is crushing on Bella, the IT girl, and decides to introduce himself one day in the break room. They begin spending their lunches together, going through their coworkers work emails, laughing at their coworkers. After weeks of spending their lunch holed up in Bella’s office, Bella finally takes him to her secret spot outside the office to enjoy a little… herb *smirks* Edward and Bella run into each other in the outside world, Bella take s him back to her apartment to meet Alice and Jasper, and have some fun. When Edward catches Bella going through his email account, their friendship is almost ruined, until Bella reveals a secret to everyone that makes Edward feel like a fool. They make up, and the future is looking good.  It’s a funny little piece and well worth your time, so get off your seat and move your feet!

So grab a drink and enjoy!

“Password Protected: Only 98% Effective” by lexiecullen17:

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