Wednesday, April 27, 2011

“Inception on a Rainy Night” by KT8812

            As promised, I have a Jasper/Bella fic for y’all to sink your teeth into. If you have yet to read KT8812’s Inception on a Rainy Night, then you are definitely missing out! This fic is all kinds of naughty, with a very domineering Jasper. *smirks* Bella is a college student, and a student in Professor Cullen’s class. On the way home from a ball game one rainy night, Bella runs into Professor Cullen. He offers her a ride, and with the knowledge of what he really is, takes him up on the offer.

Bella tore her eyes away from his face as her heartbeat started to rise and she started feeling the first stirrings of her desire. She looked out of the window to find that they were traveling on a road hitherto unknown to her.

Run! Her mind screamed at her, but her body refused to obey.

The agonized silence was broken as the car came to a halt on the gravel outside a large mansion. Before she could make any observations, he was at her door in a flash to open the door for her.

A chivalrous vampire she mused as she entered the foyer. He moved silently through a pair of doors as she looked at the lair of the demon. The house looked more like a museum than anything else. It was nothing like the dark, damp cave she had imagined with cobwebs hanging off the walls.

Suddenly, she was cocooned in warmth and found that he had draped a shawl around her shoulders as he handed her a cup of steaming hot chocolate. She took the cup from him, her frozen fingers warming from its heat as he directed her to sit on a chaise.

She blew on the cup and took a hesitant sip and smiled as the thick, sweet liquid made its way down her throat, warming her from within. She found him standing in front of her, still as a statue, gazing at her with an intensity that made the blush rise up in her cheeks. As she took another sip, she wondered how completely bizarre the entire situation was.

As the silence grew, her mental filter seemed to have clogged up completely as she said the first thing that came to her mind.
"You keep chocolate in your house?"

A ghost of a smile flitted across his face as he continued to observe her single-mindedly.

"It is just to keep up appearances."

She nodded. "I see, obviously it's not of much use to you."

           They get back to Jasper’s and multiple very hot, very sexy lemons through the night, and a very delicious wake-up call. A joke over feeding habits leads into Jasper and Bella discussing Jasper’s gift and feeding habits, which leads to further arguments. The pair discusses their issues and cause even more problems, so they decide to go about their routines and meet the next day to continue discussing things. When Bella goes to work and a patron gets too friendly, Jasper intervenes and nearly fucks her to death (quite literally).

           Jasper decides to invite Carlisle over to help explain everything mating related to Bella, and after a snippet of Carlisle’s discussion with the other Cullen’s, they all sit down to discuss vampire mating. The topic becomes too much for Bella to handle, so she runs off to cool down. Carlisle comes to find her and take her back to the mansion, where Jasper has completely trashed the place because he believed Bella was rejecting him. When Bella tried to calm him down, the weight of his emotions caused her to pass out and Jasper to snap back to reality.

           The pair spends the night “making up”, and in the morning Jasper takes her out and shows her what happens when vampires are exposed to sun and all tells her of his past with Maria and all his scars. This story has drama and naughty lemons, with updates coming soon.

So grab a drink and enjoy!

 “Inception on a Rainy Night” by KT8812

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  1. I agree with you... I love this one!! can't wait for her to update, though she's taking her sweet time!!