Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Room 15" by coldplaywhore

  Hey y’all! I’ve got another rec for you this week! If, you haven’t already, go out and read coldplaywhore’s Room 15. This fic is an expansion of the original o/s, and switches between Bella and Edward POV, without overlapping so you don’t have to read the same events from a different perspective like some fics. Bella and Edward are both med students at UW. They are paired up to work together on a major project for class, and their first interaction isn’t the most splendid:

"Personally, I think I've drawn the short stick in this twisted game of Dr. Banners'. I mean, everyone knows I'm in the top percentile of the class and he assigns me you? I can't help but wonder what his motivation was?"

"What the hell are you talking about? I have outstanding grades and I'm sure Dr. Banner could confirm that fact for you," I retorted, the anger bubbling to the surface as I started to shove my textbooks into my backpack with a little more force than necessary. Dr. Banner finished announcing his pairings and then excused us from class, but Edward didn't move. He was still watching me, curiosity clear on his rather beautiful face. Hell, if he wasn't so much of an asshole, I would even go so far as to say he was hot. Unfortunately, his personality counteracted his attractiveness.

"We've never talked before in my life, so don't assume to know me. I don't really appreciate your attitude and if Banner hadn't stated that we shouldn't even ask about changing partners, I would ask to be reassigned to someone else. Hell, anyone else would be an improvement over you."

"You're a bit of a condescending bitch, is what I've heard. Just a rumor you know, don't shoot the messenger," he said cockily as he held up his hands in defeat. I narrowed my eyes again, my blood literally boiling, I was that furious. "I thought you would be the first one to drop out of the program, so I am a bit surprised you are still here."

"Why the hell would you think that? You don't even know me."

"You're too cute for medical school. Are you sure you just aren't here to try and find yourself a husband?"

"That is such a sexist assumption. Screw you, Cullen," I replied as I put my laptop back into the bag and put both bags on my shoulder and began making my way down the aisle and out of the room. My gut clenched tightly as I heard his rough footfalls behind me. Why couldn't he just go away? Oh right… the stupid research project about the topic that I was fascinated with.

"Swan, ease down the aggression. I'm just saying what I heard. While I will admit that I have never had the chance to speak to you in class, I must admit that not all the rumors are wrong," he said as I stopped in my tracks and turned around, hitting him hard in the thigh with my laptop bag. "What? You have a great ass!"
        But never fear! These two and their banter continue on throughout their time working together. When they meet again in Room 15 things heat up, and one delicious lemon ensues. Their relationship (if you’d even call it that) is pretty rocky, each of them trying to deal with their developing feelings for each other. And when they find out that they’re both competing for a prestigious internship, things become even more heated. The chemistry between these two is palpable, but they are unwilling to act and try to forget each other. When they finally give into each other, everything seems perfect. Almost too perfect.
            When Carlisle comes and intervenes in Edward’s life it causes a problem between our happy couple. When he introduces Bella to Carlisle, they don’t get along to well, and a heated argument ends in Carlisle pulling some strings to get Edward the scholarship. The drama that comes makes for one helluva fic. Edward and Bella finish the project, but not without struggling with each other the whole way. The end result is superb, and the pair face a bright future together.
So grab a drink and enjoy!

“Room 15” by coldplaywhore:

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