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Magic Monday's featuring Sara's Girl


Welcome to Magic Mondays! Since this is the first post, I’ll give you a run down on what’s going to be happening on this lil’ ol’ corner of the webz that we fine people call “home”. Well, sort of, anyway.

Monday’s I will be rec’ing to you the best of the best in the Harry Potter fandom! I am personally a big fan of the Draco/Harry pairings (you never would have guessed from my avi, would you?) or the Hermione/Draco pairings.

Anyway, I’m taking recommendations so if you have an HP fandom fic that you think MUST get some love, send me an email and I’ll check it out! All pairings welcome, though I’ve yet to be sold on a Snape/Harry pairing. You can email me at:

Alright, on to the goods. This week, I bring you a Drarry! (If you can’t figure that one out, I’m terribly sorry)

“On a Clear Day” by Sara’s Girl

By the author:
Draco Malfoy is waiting for his real life to begin, and it appears that he's not the only one. Coffee, charity, and the wisdom of the elderly. HPDM. Oneshot of epic proportions.

First off, anything written by Sara’s Girl is bound to be good; she is honestly one of my favourite HP fanfic authors. I’m a fan of a well developed and reasonable plot. This means that jumping from one situation to another less than believable situation is a sure fire way to have me flouncing with my nose in the air. Sara’s Girl takes things down a realistic path plot wise, she knows the difference between “too” and “two” and the smut? Fantastic. She’s like my dream come true.

In this one shot we have some of our well known and well loved J.K. Rowling characters but also a few original and (in one case) loveable new additions. It’s a hard Post-Hogwarts world for Draco Malfoy, who finds himself getting the short end of the stick and finally having to work hard for what little he gains, but what he doesn’t immediately realize is that it’s an even harder world for one Harry Potter. The Boy Who Lived is now probably better called The Boy Who Hermits. Unfortunately for Harry, Draco has been given a mission, one that is completely different from their sixth year, and it involves getting the Boy Wonder to come out of hiding. The question is, can he succeed? How much has Draco learned in the few short years since the end of the war, and is there more to learn? Somewhere between cups of coffee and glossy witch magazines both men learn that, on a clear day, you can see forever.

Here’s a sample of the fic:

"Are you writing to Mr Potter again?" she says.

Draco looks up, surprised. "Yes, since you ask. For the fifth time. He seems intent on ignoring me, which I suppose is nothing new."

Janice sighs, stares at him hard for long seconds, and then sets down her teacup. Draco watches as she scrapes back her chair and leans down awkwardly to retrieve a stack of something from her bottom desk drawer.

"Here," she says, sending the bundle careering through the air and into Draco's lap. "You might as well know he's been sending them back. I wasn't going to tell you, but..." Janice shrugs and wraps wrinkled fingers around her cup once more, lapsing into silence.

Draco's fingers splay across the smooth, creamy parchment that's covered in his own handwriting. Eyes narrowed in disbelief, he flips through the letters to find every single one of his missives to Potter present and correct. The letters have been opened—likely read—and returned to the office. And, apparently, intercepted by Janice, for reasons unknown.

"What the hell?" Draco demands, meeting cloudy blue eyes across the room. "How long have you had these? When did he send them back?"

"I've had them since Thursday," Janice admits, and it's the first time that Draco has seen the harsh features arranged in something approaching a guilty expression.

"It's Monday!" Draco cries, almost knocking his teacup over.

"Well, I thought it was better not to upset you. You're very highly strung, especially when it comes to the letters to Mr Potter." Janice sniffs and creaks around in her chair, trying to find a comfortable position.

"Not to... upset me?" Draco repeats, righteous indignation tightening his chest and making his voice sound high and strained. He is not highly strung. "What in the name of all that is sacred is wrong with you?"

"Not my fault if he doesn't want to talk to you, is it?" Janice says, sounding wounded. "P'raps he's too busy. International celebrity, isn't he? Too busy for the likes of us, that's why no one ever sees him, I expect." She nods knowledgably to herself and licks her finger, collecting ginger biscuit crumbs on the tip.

Draco wrinkles his nose as he watches the mad old bag, rage subsiding somewhat. It's not her fault, not really. For a moment, he buries his head in his hands, allowing the cold, silky strands of hair to slide through his fingers. The action is almost soothing until he remembers the roasting he's in for if he doesn't have a positive RSVP from Harry Potter before the end of the week. He groans.

He needs this stupid job, and as such, he needs Harry bloody Potter. To communicate with him. Or else.

This O/S had me from the very first witty lines and kept me until the last. It’s one of those stories where you look for the “next” button and silently (or openly, if you’re me) cry “nooo!” when you don’t find one. I highly recommend anything by Sara’s Girl but if you’re easing into the Drarry scene this is a good way to start. The smut is good, but not too explicit (as it is in some of her other stories) nor does it become PWP (porn with plot) at any time. Check her out, if you like it, be sure to send her some love!

Janice FTW!

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