Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"What About Love?" by La Vita Nuova

          Ah, Spring Break (for Americans, anyways)! What better way to enjoy your vacation than another awesome fic from an amazing author! This week I recommend you go and read La Vita Nuova’s What About Love? This is one hell of story, with a Bella you can’t help but love.

          In this fic, Bella and Alice are twins, and an inseparable duo. Despite being the exact opposites of each other, they still are the best of friends. When Rosalie Hale comes into the picture, she causes a rift between the sisters. Alice and Rosalie new friendship starts to drive a wedge between the sisters. The final nail in the coffin comes at a party one night:

Bella grabbed out for the nearest available object to keep her upright and apologized profusely when her fingernails clamped down on a shrieking girl, but her eyes never left the sight Rosalie had been so eager for her to see. Standing clear in the middle of the backyard, next to what she would have otherwise described as a picturesque pool, was Bella's best friend and twin sister, furiously kissing the love of her existence.It was like a horror film, desperately wanting to shield her eyes from the sight, but knowing she would only peak through the gaps. Just as she decided she couldn't take it any longer, they pulled apart, the bile rising in Bella's throat as Edward's finger gently trailed Alice's cheek with a reverential look in his eyes. Bella turned on her heel and ran, question upon question racing through her mind as uncertain feet hit down hard on the ground beneath.She didn't stop for anything, not even when she tripped over, flailing to her knees in the gritty driveway. Her body didn't slow down for a second. Heart beats and feet raced their way home, and even as she felt the burning strains in her muscles, Bella only pushed on faster and harder, enjoying the physical pain as it superseded the emotional.

She tore through the house like a wild animal, not caring whether Charlie was home to hear her wailing cries. Images of betrayal were burned into the recesses of her mind and no matter how hard she sobbed, or how much she begged for the images to disappear, they simply wouldn't go away.
           Bella finishes off the school year avoiding Alice and the others, taking off for Oxford to attend school. The best part of this fic is that it switches back and for between the present and her time in high school, slowly revealing what happened at the party then her time in Oxford. After Oxford she came back to live in Arizona with Jake and takes a job at a publishing house in the area. Alice moves in near them, and her and Rosalie ruin her life again when they sleep with Jacob and send her a video of the act. With the publishing house being closed and the employees transferred to different locations, Bella takes this opportunity and packs her things, taking a position in the Chicago office.

          Meanwhile La Vita Nuova is telling Bella in present day Chicago. Alice has moved to the city with her fiancé Jasper. Bella attends a barbeque and meets some of Jasper’s friends. One in particular, Leah, helps Bella devise a plan to help ruin Alice’s life the way she ruined Bella’s. The duo slowly work on Jasper, and when Bella attends a Masquerade Ball and run into Alice and Rosalie, her plans come to fruition. When Bella takes Jasper back to his and Alice’s place to sleep off the party, they end up sleeping together. Bella leaves and tries to avoid Jasper, but after he comes to her apartment and she runs into Rosalie, she gets hit by a car trying to flee. After talking with everyone during her Hospital stay, finding out about Jasper calling off the engagement,  Alice’s desperate attempts to get him back, and a blind date with another one of Jasper’s friends, Bella and Leah decide to move forward with their plans.

          This story is still in progress, and as of now, Bella is spending time at Jasper and his friends at his cabin. La Vita Nuova has written one awesome Bitchella, and you just gotta love her. Bella and Leah make one badass duo, and I suggest you get over and get yourself caught up on this awesome fic!

So grab a drink and enjoy!

“What About Love?” by La Vita Nuova:

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