Monday, April 11, 2011

Magic Monday's featuring Cheryl Dyson!

‘lo peeps.

This week I’m changing up the ship, you know, keep things fresh. So fresh n’ so clean. I don’t know what I’m talking about. I rarely do.

Except when it comes to fics, duh! This week I bring you the short but wonderful story...

"Bad Medicine" by Cheryl Dyson

From the Author:
Draco Malfoy, paragon of wickedness, follows Hermione Granger one day to an unused section of Hogwarts and discovers her unspeakable secret... Oh yeah, and the whole graveyard scene didn't happen. Cedric Diggory is alive. Because I said so.

One of the things that I always wondered about with canon HP was how Hermione seemed to be able to completely leave behind the Muggle world. There was so little of it in relation to her except for when someone was discussing the Muggle world or her blood status. This story is a more realistic(in some ways) representation of what I think Hermione might have been. She has her secrets and Draco, being the prick that he is, wants to find them all out and use them against her. What he doesn’t expect is to find that those secrets are capable of bringing him to his knees.

I love the way Dyson keeps these characters in canon. She doesn’t have them suddenly falling in love with each other and ripping their clothes off. Actually, there is no clothes ripping in this one which is a bit of a shocker for Dyson. That girl knows how to bring the lemons. This one, however, is rated T and is completely work safe unless you’re ashamed to be caught reading fanfiction.

Here’s a sample of the fic:

He walked quietly to the door through which she'd disappeared. He didn't sneak, because Malfoys did not sneak, but he did walk quietly enough that his footsteps would not be heard. He cast a whispered Silencio on the door, though he hadn't heard it make any noise when Granger had opened it. He flipped the latch and peered inside.

He saw a huge, mostly dark room with a ceiling that seemed miles overhead. A single glass window in the ceiling admitted sparse light in a square pattern on the center of the empty floor. The room looked devoid of both furnishings and occupants.

He slipped inside and let the door shut silently behind him. He wondered if another door exited the room. Likely, since Granger had disappeared. He was about to cross the room when a strange cacophony made him clap his hands to his ears.

What in hell was that strange racket? He nearly asked the question aloud and was glad he did not when Hermione stepped into the square of light. He shrank back instinctively, but it was far too dark near the door for her to notice him.

After that brief moment of panic, he froze and frankly gaped at her, as staggered as if she had Stunned him with her wand.

Be sure to check out our interview with Cheryl Dyson as well as her amazing story! Remember to leave some love behind! Beware though, not all of her other stories are this tame when it comes to the “NSFW” (Not Safe For Work) element so heed the warnings in her summaries.

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