Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friday Night Slash: Homophobe by YouarenotMe

Hey y'all... this week I've got a great fic to rec you all with an incredibly odd pairing. The story is called Homophobe by YouarenotMe and I am in love.

The main character is Mike and I think that's awesome because Mike gets a lot of hate in the fandom and I don't think he's so bad. Mike is a superstart in Forks... he's the best at everything he does, popular, good looking, the whole package except that he lets Eric do homosexual things to him even though he is disgusted by himself afterward and swears he can't be gay

He pushes himself so hard to be the best football player he can be and no matter how hard he works, his dad pushes him harder and is so mean to him. His dad is a Grade-A douchebag and not only is he emotionally abusive but he's also physical about it.

Mike is going through so much more than any high school senior should have to go through and he's handling it like a hamp. Then there's Edward and Jasper who have Mike in a frenzy; he's so attracted to them he can't stand it.

There's so much going on in this story and I think you'll love it if you give it a chance, although it's quite angsty and you may need the tissues in a spot or two. The pairing is listed Mike/Edward for those who were wondering and I honestly can't wait to see where the author is heading with this!

Let's get a sneak peek into this fic shall we?


With the beginning of school came my new routine. It would still involve dinner with my parents, a nightly run, and practicing out in the yard with my dad. It was getting late, so I grabbed my bags and headed home, making one pit-stop along the way.

I sent a text to both my parents, telling them that I'd stayed late and that I'd be home in a half hour.

The house was pretty average. It, along with most things in Forks, hadn't changed in all the years. I was wound up pretty tightly. My head was spinning because of my poor performance on the field today. I'd have to give a report to my father and I could only imagine what he'd have to say about it.

Ms. Yorkie let me in with a smile and I went up to Eric's room. I usually stopped by three or four times a week during the school year. Eric was smart and he was good at all things academic.

He smiled widely as he let me into his room. Looking over at his desk, books were open all over the place. We didn't have any homework, it was only the first day of class. He was a nerd; a dork, as evidenced by his sci-fi posters. Most guys would have half-naked chicks or sports figures on their wall. He had a life-sized cut-out of Anakin Skywalker.

"Hey, Mike," he greeted softly. It was the same every time.

"What are you working on?"

"SAT prep and getting a head start on the course work for the year. The senior reading list is quite advanced."

"I know," I said, casually, moving closer to his desk. "I'm half-way through it. What'd you think of The Portrait of Dorian Gray?"

"You mean The Picture of Dorian Gray?"

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."

"I thought it was—"

I didn't give a shit what he thought about it. We both knew why I was really here. "I thought it was gay," I said, cutting him off.

"Well, Oscar Wilde was—"

"Shut the fuck up, Eric," I demanded softly, my hands moving to the fly of my jeans. For a moment, there was a hurt look that passed over his features, but then it shifted as soon as my pants were unbuttoned and my hard dick was pushing out against the fabric of my boxer-briefs.

He was on his knees before me, tugging my pants and underwear down my hips before enveloping my dick with his mouth.

Eric liked doing this for me. It felt fantastic. He'd gotten really good at giving head over the past year. He did this thing where he hummed as I fucked his mouth. The vibrations traveled up my spine and his fingers played with my balls as the head of my cock met the back of his throat. He gagged, but not nearly as much as he
used to.

And he fucking swallowed my entire load.

Afterwards, I tucked myself back in, but didn't look at him. Like always, things were awkward and after a while, he asked, "How was practice?"

"It was shit," I answered.

"You don't have to tell your dad, you know? He'll never know how you did."

"Shut the fuck up, Eric," I said, not really putting much feeling behind the sentiment. "He and Coach are buddies. He'll fucking know if I don't tell him exactly what happened." I moved to his desk again and picked up his prep book. "You taking in it October?"


"Me too."

"Hey, Mike," he started cautiously and I felt my insides tighten. "Do you think maybe next time…maybe next time you could—"

There was no need to hear him out. "No." My voice was strong and disgusted. "I'm not gonna stick my dick in your ass, homo." He looked so bewildered, but I wasn't going to entertain the thought. "I'm not gay, Eric."


Wow, instense right? Yeah, it really really is, but it's so worth the read! So take a chance and head over to the fic and get started, you won't regret it!

I'll be back next week, same time, same place with a new rec for you all!


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