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“The Submissive/The Dominant" by tara sue me

          Bonjour from California! Ahaha! It’s another week, that means it’s time for another rec from the fabulous Me! This week, I’ve got a special pair for you to read. The Submissive and The Dominant written by tara sue me is a set of fics; the same story, told from different POV’s in each story. The Submissive written in Bella’s POV and The Dominant written in Edward’s POV. Bella is a novice Sub looking for a Dom to train her; Edward is an experienced Dom looking for a new Sub to play with.

I'd seen his picture before. Everyone in Chicago knew Edward Cullen, owner and CEO of Mason Industries.

I'm pleased to say that the pictures I'd seen didn't do the man justice. His skin was pale, but not in an unhealthy way, just pale enough to set off the deep green of his eyes and the breathtaking bronze of his hair. Hair that begged you to run your fingers through it. To grab on and pull those lips to your own. And his fingers tapped methodically on his desk. Long, strong fingers. I felt my knees go weak just thinking about what those fingers could do.

I made myself remember where I was. And why.

Across from me, Edward gave the faintest of smiles. Could he read minds?

But he was talking again. "I'm not interested in why you chose to come here or what your background is. If I chose you and you are agreeable to my terms, your past won't matter." He picked up those papers again and ruffled through them. "I know what I need to know from this report."

We stood in silence for several long minutes.

"You have no training," he said. "But you're very good."

I felt my face heat.

"Ah," he said. "The one response you can't hide. I think I rather like it."

Silence again as he stood and walked to the large window behind his desk. It was full dark now and I could see his reflection in the glass. Our eyes met and I looked down.

"And I rather like you, Isabella Swan. Although I don't recall telling you to look away."
I could feel my face grow several degrees hotter as I looked back up.

"Yes, I think a weekend test is in order." He turned from the window and loosened his tie. "You will come to my estate this Friday night at six exactly. We will have dinner and progress from there."

He laid his tie on the couch to his right and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. "I have certain standards my subs must live up to. You are to get at least eight hours of sleep every Sunday through Thursday night. You will eat a balanced diet - I will have a meal plan emailed to you. You will also run one mile, three times a week. Twice a week you will engage in strength and endurance training at my gym. A membership will be created for you starting tomorrow. Do you have any concerns about any of this?"

Another test. I didn't say anything.

He smiled. "You may speak freely."

Finally. I licked my lips. "I'm not the most…coordinated, Mr. Cullen. I'm afraid it's hard for me to walk, much less run."

"You must learn not to let your weakness rule you, Isabella." He walked to his desk and wrote something down. "Three times a week you will also attend yoga classes. They have these at the gym. Anything else?"

I shook my head.

"Very well. I will see you Friday night." He held out some papers to me. "This will have everything you need know."

I took the papers. And waited.

He smiled again. "You are excused."

Mission accomplished.

            As they work together, feelings develop for each other develop between them, but they both suppress them in order to not to ruin their Dom/Sub relationship. As they play together, they learn things about each other, deepening the feelings between them. As the line between their relationships blurs, it causes problems and nearly destroys them both. But love always prevails, and the couple comes through strong.

            With over ten thousand reviews a piece, these stories are well worth your time. These stories are beautifully written, allowing you to fall into your deepest desires. If you want more of these two trying to find the balance between their relationship with each other as lovers and as Dom/Sub, then go check out the sequel, The Training.

So grab a drink and enjoy!

“The Submissive” by tara sue me:
“The Dominant” by tara sue me:

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