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Magic Monday's Featuring oldenuf2nb!

Bonjour ! Comment allez-vous ?

Yes, I’ve fallen back on French because...well, because I can speak French (enough to get by) and I’m lazy today, okay? Okay. I hope that you’re all well and healthy and that you’re ready for some DRARRY because it’s that tiiiiiime!

Small Blessings by oldenuf2nb

What I love about this story is that it’s sweet. Plain and simple, it’s a pleasure to read because there’s very little angst, there’s a Pansy that I absolutely adore (and that’s a rarity, let me tell you!) and it has a sweetness that is predominant throughout the entire story. I was sad when it ended, I wanted to see more of this story, of this Harry and Draco relationship. It’s also very light on the smut so if you’re just looking for something to bring a smile to your face, I highly recommend it!

From the author...

After the war, Harry opens an orphanage with the help of a surprising friend. When he adopts an infant left on his doorstep, he has no idea what fate has in store for him.

Here’s a little taste of the fic...

"Why, Ms. Parkinson," he said, one dark brow arched in amusement. "To what do we owe the pleasure of your company? And before noon, no less."

She gave him a withering smile. "Why, to the brilliance of your presence, of course." She rolled her eyes and he grinned.


The high-pitched squeal brought Harry around, and he held out his arms to catch the tow-headed blur as it launched itself at his knees. Laughing, he swung the slight five-year-old up and onto his hip.

"Well, hello there," he said warmly, looking into pale blue eyes. "Did you just wake up?"

The little head nodded. "I was sleeping. Dreaming about dragons."

"Ah," Harry said, making his way towards his chair at the end of the table next to Pansy's, ruffling hair and exchanging smiles as he went. "Were they scary dragons?"

The little brow furrowed, the small nose scrunched. "No!" he said, indignant. "You weren't scared of dragons, and neither am I."

"Oh, I think your father was plenty scared of that dragon," Pansy countered as Harry lowered the little boy into his chair. There was a thick telephone book already in place to lift him up higher in the seat. "I was there; I saw him turn tail and run."

The small face scrunched up mutinously. "He was not scared," he said firmly. "My daddy is not scared of anything."

Harry shot her a triumphant grin as he pulled out his own chair.

"Except perhaps a middle-aged red-headed witch with a deep seated desire for several dark-haired grandchildren," Pansy drawled. Harry sent her a quelling look.

"Stow it, you."

*sighs* I love Daddy!Harry, there’s something about him that gives me the warm fuzzies.

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