Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"A Different Direction" by GemmaLisax

          Hello lovelies! I’ve got a great fic for you, one that definitely won’t disappoint! A Different Direction by GemmaLisax is a great work (and a Jasper/Bella, therefore superb), full of drama and intrigue, wonderfully written, and not short on lemony deliciousness. What seemed to be another ordinary day, turned out to be life changing for Bella.

Edward ordered me to stay in the car, halting my attempt to exit. I got no explanation, no apology, and no chance to even question his suddenly surly demeanour. He simply issued the order and left me with the echo of the door slamming in his wake.

Well, there is no way that I'm just going to sit here like a fucking toddler. It was obvious that I wasn't in any danger, if I were, I would not have been left on my own. Edward's overprotective ass would never leave my side if that were the case. So I felt safe in the decision to exit the car at least. Once out and away from the Volvo my planned excuse would be that I was suddenly interested on Rose's vast array of tools. I could hear the sounds of arguing coming from inside as I closed the car door behind me. It was more of an angry buzz; obviously without me in the room there was no need to speak loud or slow enough for a human to hear. Growls erupted and the crashing of something made me jump and rethink my idea of getting out of the car.

The shouts got louder; I distinctly heard Esme and Carlisle's pleas for whomever to calm down. Then my name came into the mix and I froze. This is about me? What the hell is going on now?

"Bella's mine, Edward. You took her from me." A voice I was sure was Jasper's, bellowed out.

What the fuck?

Was that Jasper?

What the hell is he talking about?

I really, really wanted to just waltz in there and find out what the crap is going on. But my feet were glued to the concrete floor. Walking into the middle of a supernatural fight spoke even to my meagre sense of self preservation.

Suddenly there was silence. All sounds of, well fucking everything, just stopped. I was left with nothing but the harsh beating of my heart drumming through my ears…so, ok, maybe not everything stopped.

          This story is full of twists and turns, leaving you constantly on the edge of your seat. Bella meets Peter and Charlotte, and from there things really get going. Edward and Alice betrayed the coven working with the Romanians, attempting hypnotism to read Bella’s mind and gain access to her shield. The Volturi protect the bloodlines that produce gifts, the Swans being one of them. The rivalry between the two covens since the Romanians destruction has left them sour and vengeful. The Cullen’s head to England and test Bella to see what Edward has ‘trained’ her to do. They discover his orders and work with Bella to undo his work while they travel through England on their way to meet the brothers in Italy. Renee and Phil were en route to Italy, but Phil was not completely innocent in the matter, so Bella has to explain everything to her mother. Bella and Jasper spend time together, and Bella gains more control over her gift through training.

          The group arrives in Italy while Bella stays behind in England with guards, and Alice is captured. They attend the trial of Irina and Alice, and both are executed for their crimes. Edward and a small army come to take Bella back to their base. The remainder of Edward’s Army stays behind to fight the rest of the Volturi while Edward and Vladimir attempt to control Bella. They convince her that they are the good guys with the help of a new drug Edward created, and they turn her. During her change, one of the Volturi agent sneaks on to the yacht where Edward and Vladimir are holding Bella, and tells her of her everything that’s been going on. She awakens from the change and remembers everything, killing Edward and Vladimir.

          Bella and Alistair make it to a nearby island and await Jasper and the rest of the Volturi. They arrive and have a splendid reunion. This story is one helluva twist on the classic tale, and well worth a read.

So grab a drink and enjoy!

“A Different Direction” by GemmaLisax:

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