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Friday Night Slash: Cinnamon & Vanilla by @PolkaDotMamaFF

Can it really be Friday again? Jesus almighty where does the time go?
Anyway, this week I’m reccing you a fabulously written one shot by PolkaDotMama called Cinnamon & Vanilla.
It’s an Edward/Jacob mostly canon fic. I saw it recc’d on twitter one day and since I absolutely love the writing style of PDM, of course I ran straight to the fic and devoured it.
Edward and Jacob become really good friends when Edward moves back to Forks, until something happens to Jacob and he and Edward discover what they truly are. They have a falling out for a while but eventually come back to each other.
Something happens that you would never expect and I have honestly never read another fic out there with this type of twist.
It’s original, fabulous and over-all amazing. I can’t tell you how much I loved it and I truly think you will too! You should honestly read it, even if it’s just to find out what this twist it! I promise you that as soon and you start reading it, you’ll fall madly in love and come running back to me thanking me profusely and bowing at my feet!
Here’s a sneak peek into the fic:
Jacob walked to the edge of the cliff and peered into the sea below. Positive he was about to jump, I shifted my weight and a small twig cracked beneath my hiking boot. Jacob stilled, turning his ear in my direction and closing his eyes for a few moments. Then he turned to look my way. My camouflage behind the trees and distance must have kept me hidden, because he seemed to relax, possibly dismissing the sound as a woodland creature.
He sat with his legs dangling over the rim of the rock, leaning back on his open palms, and turning his face to the sky. For many minutes he sat there with his eyes closed in quiet solitude, drinking in a few evasive rays of the midday sun and breathing the salty sea air deeply into his lungs.

When he stood again, I was startled. His peaceful meditation had relaxed me and I found myself lulled by his quietude. Pacing the flat rock he stood upon, Jacob seemed to be searching for something on the ground, but then he turned to face the ocean. With a burst of speed, he ran and jumped off the cliff, soaring in the air momentarily before he dropped.

Panic rose up in me, flooding me with worry and I was over to the cliff in seconds, peering over the edge.

Jacob was nowhere to be seen, the white, frothy waves distorting my view. He was still under water. I waited, counting the seconds to see if he'd emerge, debating how long he could survive before I needed to leap. When his head broke the surface, I released a relieved breath.

"Whoo!" he hollered, joy evident in his voice as he swam toward a craggy outcrop and started scaling the cliff with his bare hands and feet.

I worried that I should retreat to my hiding place, but my feet seemed to be stuck, my eyes unwilling to leave his beautiful body as he climbed. He caught my eye just as he neared the top and gave me a radiant smile.

Shivering, he looked to where the sun should have been and then back to me. "I thought I felt someone's eyes on me. How long have you been watchin'?" he asked with no malice in his tone.

"A while," I admitted with a shrug. "Before your friends left."

"Ah. I'm Jacob."

"Hi, Jacob. I...I'm Edward," I stammered, still feeling a bit off kilter. "I'm new here, to Forks, and I heard about...well, about this," I said as I gestured to the cliff.

"All the Quileute boys cliff dive. It's a right of passage, I 'spose you could say."

I watched him as he spoke, telling me about his tribe, the land and their interconnectedness, explaining why it was so important for the young men to use the land to show their bravery, yet respect it and recognize its dangers.

While I listened, I paid close attention to how his full lips drew together when he said his "o's" and the pearly flash of teeth when he smiled. His eyes were so dark, nearly black, surrounded by thick lashes that drew me in. Slowly, the water that covered his chest evaporated and it saddened me that I no longer had a legitimate excuse for my eyes to drift, my attention being pulled by yet another drop making a long, slow journey over rippled muscles and disappearing into the waist band of his shorts.

He was so tall and I relished the fact that I had to look up to him. I rarely had to look up to anyone, always towering over those around me. This, however, didn't make me feel less powerful. In fact, it made me feel as if I had control, the ability to make him come down to my level and look at me.

Jacob gestured to the cliff and then looked at me. "I really shouldn't jump alone, so what I did was pretty stupid."

"It looks very dangerous. I'm not sure I'd ever want to risk it."

"Not a risk taker, huh, Edward?" he said with a flash of his smile.

"I take risks, but just not…."

"Come on. Jump with me. We can go down together the first time or I'll go first and be there at the bottom. Which sounds better?" Jacob asked, all the while smiling.

I walked to the edge, peering down and making mental calculations, trying to determine which would be less dangerous. As I made my way to a large boulder and started pulling my shirt over my head, I was surprised that I was so easily convinced.

"So?" Jacob asked as I continued to peel my shoes and clothes off, stripping down to my black boxer briefs.

"Together, I think."

"Good choice. That's how I jumped my first time. Sam went with me."

As Jacob explained what I should do, I listened intently, not getting lost in his flawless skin or the structure of his cheekbones or jaw. I listened to his instructions and his life saving advice. Then he surprised me.

"I shouldn't even be doing this. If the guys found out that I was inviting an outsider to do this…."

"Well, I sure don't wanna get you in trouble," I said as I reached for my jeans and started to pull them over one foot.

"Hey, stop getting dressed, Vanilla," Jacob practically purred as he stepped closer to me, pulling the denim fabric from my hands. "That's not why I told you that. I just meant that we need to be careful." He dropped my jeans in a pile on the rock and smoothed a warm, large hand over my shoulder and down my arm. "This isn't something that you can go and tell your friends about. Some people in Forks know about this, but no one from there has jumped before. I'd be in huge trouble if they knew you did. So, it's between us, okay?" His caress ended when his fingers slipped into my palm.

I could feel desire rushing through me and I had to swallow several times before I could speak.

"I'll be discreet," I promised as I squeezed his fingers.

"Good." His smile lit up his entire face and I felt genuine happiness for the first time in a long time.

"Okay," Jacob started, making sure we were both facing the ocean, our feet planted in a little dip on the smooth stone beneath our feet. "I run pretty fast. Are you a decent runner?"

"I can keep up," I retorted.

"Push off hard and no matter what you do, don't let go of my hand. We need to make sure we can find each other in the water. It can get kinda crazy down there and you can get disoriented and lose the surface. I'll help you find it. Ready?" His eyebrows shot up in question.

"I think so," I said as I leaned my shoulder on his and allowed myself to breathe in his scent. It made my mouth fill once again, and I quickly swallowed, not at all surprised at how tempting he was.

"Let's do it."

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