Monday, May 16, 2011

Magic Monday's featuring AkashaTheKitty!

What’s shakin’ peeps?

For this week’s Magic Monday I bring you something a little darker than what we’ve been looking at before.

I have to warn you that this fic deals with some dark themes like imprisonment, non-consensual sex, and violence. It is definitely an 18 and over fic. If any of these are issues for you, do NOT read this story! I am dead serious. Do not come to me and whine about how it was a bad rec because you didn’t like the dark themes. You’ve been warned.

Okay, moving on.

Master by AkashaTheKitty

What I love about this fic is that even though I’m dreading the ending, I have a small amount of hope and it drives me to finish it. I won’t tell you if that hope is fulfilled or not, that would ruin the surprise ;)

From the author...

The war drags on and Hermione Granger is caught and raped in what seems to be a public ritual raping by her old enemy Draco Malfoy. But why did he cut his hand and claim to the others that she was a virgin? AU, Rape, Humiliation, ONESHOT!

Here’s a taste of the fic....

He led her to a room that seemed to be near the kitchens. It was a nice room. It had an actual bed with actual pillows and blankets and the floor had actual carpets, and there was an actual lamp on the bed stand… "You will live here," he informed her, and her heart sank as she noticed that the bed was queen-size. She was probably required to work there too. She pushed those thoughts away. She hadn't slept in a real bed for so long it was almost worth it. Almost.

He looked her up and down. "Bathe," he said, with a slight look of distaste. Hermione almost blushed but then looked him defiantly in the eyes – or she would have if he had still been looking at her. It wasn't as if she had had any possibility of a real bath since she was captured, all she got was a Scourgify before she was dragged out to be raped and she really hadn't cared if she was pleasing then or not. She hoped she hadn't been.

He turned and left the room, opening a door on his right. "In here." He certainly didn't waste a lot of words on her, did he? She reluctantly followed to look around him and saw a bathroom with a nice, big tub. Her eyes grew round. A bathtub and a bed? She vaguely remembered a time when such comforts hadn't impressed her. That was before.

Again, he had started to walk away, but this time he stopped as he for the first time noticed the house elf that had appeared a few feet away. His eyes turned steely but other than that there was no change in him. "Feed her," he said to it. "Use force if necessary." And then he left.

There’s only one thing about this fic that I don’t like...



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