Wednesday, May 25, 2011

“In Omne Tempus” by La Vita Nuova

          Yee! I’ve got another fic from the amazing LaVitaNuova for you to sink your teeth into! So go lounge out on the porch with your favorite sunglasses (or hottie ;D) and a glass of lemonade, cause In Omne Tempus is a wolf pack fic, and those boys are H-O-T! This story is a Bella/Jared pairing, and it doesn’t ruin the dynamics or make you wonder what the hell is going on. This story starts off with Bella living with the Cullen’s after Charlie died in a car wreck shortly after graduation. While the Cullen’s are out one weekend, Bella decides to head down to La Push to hang out with Jake.

I plastered a big smile on my face and was pleased to see that Jake didn't read too much into it. Instead he threw his big arm over my small shoulders and led me away to the table. I could hear him throw out names of food at me but my concentration was shot. Instead I thrust my plastic cup at him only to be met with a guffaw

"Ok Bells, but if the bloodsucker asks this was all you"

I nodded as he filled up my cup again with beer. Happy to have something to do with my hands I held it tightly with both. I watched distractedly as Jake threw endless amounts of food on two plates and then thrust one at me. For the next hour I sat silently next to Jake, occasionally chancing glances around the group. All in all no one seemed to be paying me much attention, besides Emily who every time our eyes met offered me the softest of smiles.

Feeling the strange tensions from earlier slip away from me I stood and walked away from the group. The stories had inevitably made their way around to the Cullens and other Vampires the pack had encountered. Feeling uneasy with the conversation I walked down to the edge of the beach but feeling too cold to stop and sit I walked along the edge of the water line.
"Do you mind if I walk with you?"

I turned around to see Jared walking slowly to me from behind. Not wanting to be rude I nodded and he fell instep beside me. I watched as our feet moved in synchronization with one another.

"I've heard a lot about you"

"What have you heard?"

I wanted to stop, to see his face when he answered but I didn't, I kept my feet moving and my eyes trained down

"That you live with the Cullens"

I didn't say anything, I simply waited for the next words which were inevitable

"That you're engaged to one of them"

We had reached the rocks at the end of the beach. I turned to look back the way we had walked and saw the bonfire in the distance the sounds of echoing laughter cut through the air. I didn't move to walk back though, instead I looked up to see Jared staring at me. His eyes asking me a question that he had yet to bring alive in the night air

"Is it true?"

I nodded, not trusting my voice for some reason

"Do you love him?"

I opened my mouth to tell him just how much I loved Edward, to make him understand, but I couldn't. Looking up into his eyes I couldn't speak the words that until five seconds ago I had known in my gut to be completely infallible.

Jared was looking back at me with intensity in his eyes and in that moment everything that I had known, believed, fought and lived for was not longer a certainty to me. I couldn't answer his question because I no longer knew.

          With Bella questioning her love for Edward, She decides to move back into Charlie’s to re-evaluate her life and the choices she’s made. After weeks of hiding out in Charlie’s, she finally leaves the house and runs into Leah. Leah takes Bella home and starts a routine of checking up on her every day. For two months their routine continues, until Leah drags her out of the house to a housewarming party for Jared.

          Things get interesting between Bella and Jared, but they both refuse to acknowledge the imprint, and Bella is still struggles with her decision with Edward. After Bella and Jake get in a fight, he runs away and meets his imprint, but gets in an accident on his way home. Carlisle fixes him up and Bella finally has a heart-to-heart with Edward. Victoria makes her presence known, and causes some problems in La Push. 

          The unusual circumstances of Bella and Jared’s relationship cause some problems for the pair, but they pull through strong. Through the good times and bad, these two make a wonderful couple. This story ends with a happily ever after that’ll make your heart sing.

So grab a drink and enjoy!

“In Omne Tempus” by La Vita Nuova:

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