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Magic Monday's featuring CharlotteBlack!

Hola señoras y caballeros!

You like the extent of my Spanish? Yeah? I had to use the internet for help with that. Sadface.

My only justification is that, as a Canadian, I learned French as my secondary language in school so...THERE!

Anyway, today we are looking at one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE DRAMIONE FICS! Again, if you don’t know what that means...I am terribly, terribly sorry for you.

My Brother Blaise by CharlotteBlack

I’d just like to say that though I have never spoken to, or heard of this author outside of this fic, well, CharlotteBlack...if you’re reading this...PLEASE LET ME FANGIRL ALL OVER YOU!

That sounds kind of dirty, doesn’t it? Hmm...

ANYWAY, there is only one problem with this story and it is that the site that it is hosted on (Granger Enchanted) requires you to join before you can read stories but it’s a painless process and worth it, folks!

Now, what makes this story so unique is that it takes Hermione’s past, shakes it the hell up, and throws her back into the middle of a life and a body that she doesn’t know or understand. The best part? We see a whole new and different side of Draco. By the end of this, you ache for him, you really do. And the very last chapter? Grab tissues. It definitely ends up a high note, a funny high note to be sure, but you’re gonna cry (if you’re anything like me, and I cry at everything) for sure before you get there. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND THIS FIC! It was the one that got me into Hermione/Draco fics in the first place.

From the author: A magical virus contracted during Hermione's Healer training reveals a side of her that she never knew existed...

Here’s a little taste of the fic...

‘What is going on?'

Blaise's arms squeezed her shoulders as he spoke quietly to her. ‘Hermione, please, let's just let mother handle this.' He pulled gently at her shoulders trying to extract them both from the room, before he was stopped by Lucius strong resonating tone, realizing he mustn't have spoken quietly enough.

‘Hermione?' Lucius raised his eyebrow inquisitively at the pair, before turning to his wife who in turn shook her head delicately perplexed.

Blaise sighed dropping his hands from Hermione's unmoving shoulders as she stood stoic as a statue unwilling to leave.

‘What an unusual name, especially for one your age, I'd even dare to say you might be the only witch in all of England with that particular name child.' A gentle smirk graced his lips that some she imagined would find attractive although her only wish was to smack it right of his face.

‘Mudblood?' Draco murmured a little further back from the witch he had greeted so enthusiastically.

Hermione spared a disparaging glance at the miniature Malfoy, not game to loose sight of her main opponent, before her eyes locked back with the cold steely one's of Lucius Malfoy.

Lucius tilted his head, his eyes sweeping up and down her form making her feel naked and dirty as he examined her like an interesting puzzle. ‘Everyone always thought there was something special about you.' His voice was silky and dangerous, like pure poison slipping deadly through her veins and chilling her bones along the way. ‘A muggle could never top a pure wizard, though you would never believe us. But this explains it all doesn't it?' his smirk returned, mocking her with every syllable. ‘A muggle,' he spat the word as if it was itself dirt upon his tongue, ‘could never have lasted that long underneath Bellatrix's wand.'

She had crossed the room before his mouth had closed, the smirk not even having the chance to return as her fist met the side of his face in a powerful blow that had the elegant wizard stumbling unsteady backwards his hands reaching to cup his battered cheek.

‘You fucking bastard!' she spat at his cowered form, trying to resist the urge to kick him too.

*sigh* I wish I could find more stories like this one, so if you know of any, PLEASE (by all that is good and holy in this world) tell me about them! As always, if you enjoy this story, leave CharlotteBlack some love because this story does not get enough attention, in my humble opinion.

Don’t forget to send me an email at if you know of a story that needs to get some extra love!

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