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"Scarlet" by archer24

          Zippity-do-da! Zippity day! My, oh my what a wonderful day! Another week gone by, and it’s time for another recommendation! I stumbled upon this fic a few weeks ago, and was hooked after the first few chapters. “Scarlet” by archer24 reminded me why I love a man in uniform so much. Edward is a FBI agent assigned to one of the most notorious thieves in the Chicago area. When he figures out the location of the next heist, their meeting shocks Edward.

"Shit!" I yelled, narrowly stopping myself from tumbling over the edge as my hands grabbed where she had been just a moment before. There, casually standing in the middle of the roof, was the thief.

He was wearing a hood casting a shadow over his face, disguising himself.

"Freeze!" I yelled over the wind, pointing my gun at him with both hands.

My words seemed to have no effect on him, for he just started walking towards the opposite end of the roof.

"I said freeze!" I yelled louder.

He just kept walking further.

He raised something from his hand and slung it over his back. It was a tube-shaped container.

My eyes widened.

'The painting'

"Stop! There's nowhere for you to go!" I yelled again, inching closer, my gun still firmly pointed at them.

Again, they didn't even seem to hear me, just edged back further until they were standing about a half of a foot away from the ledge.

"Sir! Stop and hand over the painting!" I inched closer, keeping my eyes on them. There was no way he was getting away.

What I said seemed to finally get their attention.

He picked up his head and looked in my direction as if noticing me for the first time. I watched as his gloved hand came up and pushed the hood back off his face.

I felt my jaw drop as I saw tendrils of silky brown locks tumble out.

'Holy shit'

The scarlet thief was no man.

My gun lowered of its own accord, I still couldn't see the exact features of her face because of the darkness, but that didn't stop me from noticing that she was attractive.

She unzipped the trench coat she was wearing, revealing a pair of black tight-fitting pants and a black wife-beater.

Over that, she was wearing what looked like a harness with many straps and carabineers.

With the painting still strung across her back, she bent down and retrieved a carabineer with rope, which she promptly hooked to herself with precision.

The wind was whipping her hair across her face, as I saw her glance up at me again; the only feature of her that I could make out was the small amount of light that reflected off her teeth as she grinned.

Everything came rushing back to me.

"Stop!" My voice, and mind, seemed to finally start functioning; I started sprinting across the rooftop towards her.

When I was only about fifteen feet away; she gave me a crooked grin, saluted me with two fingers, and stepped backwards over the side of the building.

My eyes searched the dark night below me, seeing nothing but the rope she was using to jump as it kept turning through the pulley she had set up on the roof. There was no way I could stop it.

"Damn it!" I cursed, but the wind muffled it.

I whipped open my cell phone to call and see if any of the police had been able to grab her when she reached the street, but then remembered that I had set everyone up in the lobby to stop the thief when they went down.

The rope stopped running through the pulley.

The scarlet thief was gone.

          Bella has a mysterious past, with no explanations as to why she became a thief. Bella and Edward run into each other at a coffee shop; Edward has no idea that she is the elusive thief he has been hunting. As Edward continues to try and capture the thief, Bella continues working and more of her past is revealed. When Edward finally catches Scarlet/Bella during a heist, he realizes who she is, and she escapes again. When Edward goes to investigate a lead and nearly gets killed, Bella comes to his rescue and gets him to safety, leaving him with more questions than answers.

          But when Bella turns herself in and works out a deal with the director of the FBI to assist the FBI and work with Edward, he can’t figure out what her goal is. As they work together, the tension between them slowly dissipates, and they beginning of their love becomes visible to the both of them. When an adversary from Bella’s past shows up, things become more complicated for the pair.

          When Edward finally discovers Bella’s true motives for turning herself over to the FBI, he has to make the decision whether to stay true to his job, or help the woman he loves. This story is full of action and one super badass Bella, with just enough angst to keep you entranced. This fic is well worth your time, and won’t disappoint.

So grab a drink and enjoy!

Scarlet” by archer24:

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