Monday, May 30, 2011

Magic Monday's Featuring CherylDyson!

What up homies?

This week I bring you an interesting pairing that I have never come across before by an author who has graced this blog with her wonderful presence before!
Knock Three Times by Cheryl Dyson

What I enjoyed the most about this story is that I had no idea what was going to happen. What did happen was not what I had been expecting, to be honest. The second thing that I enjoyed about this story was that it was silly, fun and sexy to boot. If you just want a quick read, something short and light, that won’t have you sobbing into your pillow for hours afterwards, read this baby.

From the author:

When Teddy Lupin is fifteen, he encounters the girl of his dreams, but she barely acknowledges his existence… until seven years later when they meet again. Cross-gen, het, MATURE SEXUAL CONTENT.

Here’s a little taste of the fic…

He sprawled on one of the folding chairs and flipped open the note, trying to choke down the butterflies in his stomach.
Do not knock on my bedroom wall and interrupt my sexual gratification again unless you are willing to take the place of my current paramour. And if you are, knock three times… if you think you have the stamina.
Teddy read the words six times. Merlin. If you think you have the stamina.
He pushed himself to his feet and readied himself for bed. Exhausted though he was, he lay on the mattress and stared at the ceiling, wondering if she now slept on the other side of the wall. He wondered what she wore to bed. If anything. Only last night, she had been… Fuck, some extraordinarily lucky man had been banging her into the wall, causing her to utter those sounds, noises Teddy had heard only in his fevered dreams. He felt a spike of jealousy that hadn't plagued him in years. He wondered what had happened to the blond man she had entertained at Hogwarts on the night she had unwittingly crushed Teddy's heart. Current paramour, she had said, which seemed to deny the presence of anyone permanent in her life.
Bloody hell, how could she stay so amazingly attractive after all this time? She looked exactly as she had when Teddy had first laid eyes on her. The same curves, the dark hair cut in an attractive bob, the same liquid chocolate eyes… Teddy swallowed hard and realised he would have to stay well away from her allure. It would be far too easy to fall prey to her charms and he knew it would only end in heartbreak. His own.
His resolve lasted two days.


Can you guess who the female is yet? No?


Oh, okay. I’ll tell you…

Pansy Parkinson!

Oh, pick your jaw up off the floor and give it a shot! I know that everyone thinks that Pansy is a giant cow (which she is in the canon) but I absolutely adore a fic with a good Pansy in it. I've always pictured her as one of those snarky, sexy, older cougar types and damn, Dyson has that down pat.

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