Wednesday, June 1, 2011

“Time Marches On” by TheOneMama

          Another week, another recommendation my darlings. This week, I suggest you go and read Time Marches On by TheOneMama. This O/S is beautifully written, and captivates you right from the beginning.

Life moves on no matter how some may wish it wouldn't. It's like a flash of pictures if you sit back and look at time gone by. There are the defining moments: the tragedy, the joyful, the peaceful lull that can precipitate either, or just the comfort of learning that you can't stave time off no matter what you do. The blush of youth gone, time marches on and sweeps you along with it.

          This tale is in Bella’s POV, a snowy day outside the home where she sits, looking out the window as she reminisces on the past. The tale takes us though her life as she grows and learns. The story doesn’t mention specific periods or places in Bella’s life; rather it skims over them, sutblely hinting at different events. As the story progresses, we read of death and tragedy plaguing Bella’s life, happiness and sadness, loving and losing.

          TheOneMama has written a wonderful story that gives a beautiful description of Bella’s life up to the end of this story, without telling the reader straight up. This O/s is a great read when on your lunch break or just because.

So grab a drink and enjoy!

“Time Marches On” by TheOneMama:

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