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Saturday Sit Down w/ @DCC_HHN

Let me start off by saying a huge thank you to HHN for completing this interview for me! I’m so excited for you all to get to know him a little better! Much love, bb!

Let’s start off with the basics…

What’s your penname?

Where do you post most often?
First, I would hardly say that I post often considering I've only really posted one fic (currently writing three others) but I posted on FFN. I tried Twilighted but to be quite honest, I didn't like the non-responsive 'beta' they made me send my shit to before posting. Then I forgot my password and didn't care enough to get it reset.  

What’s your favorite pairing? Favorite genre?
Well, anything but Bella & Edward. If I wanted Bella & Edward, I'd re-read the books. I mean, how many different ways can you write Bella and Edward? I prefer slashy pairings (obviously) and I like unconventional ones. As for favorite genre, as far as fanfic goes, I like the non-vamp shit.

Is there a pairing or genre that you absolutely cannot stand?
Oh, I guess I should've waited before answering that last question! Besides Bella & Edward, I can't stand it when Emmett is gay. I don't know why, it just doesn't work for me.

What got you into the Twilight Fandom? It’s all the hot guys, wasn’t it? Don’t lie.
Actually, I had no idea what Twilight was until the movie came out. I remember being on Facebook and MySpace back in the day and kept seeing all these flair and bumper sticker things about Edward Cullen and Jacob Black and thinking 'who the fuck are these people?' And then the movie came out and honestly, when I saw the trailer, I thought it looked lame as fuck. I had no desire to see the movie although I consider myself kind of a geek when it comes to things related to witches, wizards, vampires, and other supernatural beings. So, I ended up losing a bet with my then roommate on who would win a football game one day and my punishment was that I had to go see Twilight with her. Well, I saw the movie and actually found myself liking it. I borrowed her books (she had already read Twilight and New Moon and was in the middle of Eclipse at the time) and ended up reading the entire series in 8 days, including what was posted of Midnight Sun on SM's website. I then started re-reading them over and over. I was finding myself becoming obsessed with it and searched out online communities. Well, I found TTS message boards (the official ones) and joined the 30+ Twihards group and made some new friends and everything took off from there.

What do you find to be the most challenging part about writing your fics?
Honestly, finding the time. My job is very demanding and I travel constantly so finding the time to sit down and write is tough. Back when I started writing, I used to write at work. A lot! I remember one week in particular where I literally worked for like 3 hours and wrote the rest of the time. Well, I can't really do that anymore so finding the time is still really hard. I had pretty much given up on writing until recently when a plot bunny wouldn't leave me the fuck alone and I started writing again. I think I'll stick with one shots and things of that sort because the way my schedule works, I don't want to start a serial story and leave people hanging when I don't have time to come back to it. That happened with the first story I wrote (Blush & Bashful) and I ended up ending it prematurely. I still look at that story and cringe because I wasn't able to give it the ending I had envisioned.

Best review you’ve ever received? Worst?
Hmm, I generally don't remember the specifics of my reviews. I also learned recently that I have bad etiquette when it comes to my reviews because I guess most people reply to every one? Oops! Anyway, I do remember one review complaining about my Jasper (the narrator of my story) wasn't basically "cowboy" enough for her. Oh fucking well, if you want Cowboy Jasper write it your fucking self. J

How do you get into the zone? What’s your method for getting the creative juices flowing? Dancing around your living room in nothing but a baseball cap, weird shit like that?
 Well, it all depends on my mood. When I started writing in the first place, I was working at this client's office and there was this one guy there who was so fucking hot I couldn't help but ogle at him all day. I would get myself so revved up I had to release it in such a way that wouldn't land me in jail so I started writing slashy sex scenes. Needless to say, that didn't really 'release' all that energy…it made it worse! There were many times when I found myself not being able to stand up for a while if you know what I mean.

Do your friends and family in your real life know about your fanfiction alter-ego?
Oh hell fucking no! It will never happen! Well, some fandom friends turned into real life friends and of course they know but that's it! It's funny I actually almost had a panic attack once at work when a coworker and I were talking about all the shit you can find when you Google yourself. Well, she Googled me and my fucking Twilighted profile was one of the first things to show up! I almost died! I tried to play it off like I was linked to it because it was a story I had favorited or some bullshit like that. I immediately took my name off of that profile and any other that might lead to it. Disaster averted!

What do you look for in a good fanfic?
Plot, plot, plot, plot! Some fics are like watching gay porn. "Hi, my name is Edward. Hi, I'm Jasper. Let's fuck!" I understand some one shots are pure lemon but I can't really get into those. I like fics that are funny, angsty, and yes lemony. However, if a fic contains the words "moist" and "core" in the same sentence, I'm out!

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Anything you’d like to share with us? Married, single? Kids? Covert CIA agent? Alaskan crab fisherman?
I am single, live in California, and work as an auditor. Yes, an auditor. I am constantly surrounded by some of the most dull people ever put on this earth. Sometimes I use writing as a way to escape the monotony of it all! Oh, and I love sports more than nearly anything, especially college football.

Spill! What’s you guilty pleasure? I promise not to judge you, as long as it isn’t Justin Bieber.
Um, isn't fanfic enough of a guilty pleasure? You want more? Actually, it would have to be YA books. I swear I'm intelligent enough to read and comprehend "grown up" books!  

Do you have a favorite published author? Someone that actually has printed novels with a publishing house, like Stephenie Meyer.
Besides SM, I love Dean Koontz, Dan Brown, Preston & Child, James Patterson, Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins, Ted Dekker, etc.

Favorite musical artist? Anything we should definitely check out?
Yeah, that would be Madonna. Perhaps you've heard of her. I also love Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks, Cher, U2, Barenaked Ladies, the Mamas & the Papas, Lady Gaga, etc. Nothing really groundbreaking here. Sorry, I'm not a music snob. You know the type…the guy/girl who judges you by the music you listen to and looks down on you if you like anything that's ever been played on the radio.

Time to spread the love…

Who do you drop everything for, including the urn with your great grandmother inside, and run to the computer when you get an update?
 I'm pretty sure this is going to come across as snarky as fuck but no one really. I know some people who treat fanfic authors almost like pseudo-celebrities. I see so many people in Twitter feed freak the fuck out over someone updating or get really excited when their favorite author replies to them in a tweet. I mean, don't get me wrong, I do have some authors I enjoy reading and will read most of their stuff. But there's no one that I have drop everything to go read.

Do you have an author that you fangirl over? And do you squee? I do. Many times.
See above.

If you were to break someone into the Twilight Fandom, what fic would you give them to read first?
Depends on what they like. Honestly, I'm not that well versed in fanfic but I would refer them to my friend @nmyhappyplace who I consider the "resident librarian" for recommendations. If there's a fic worth a damn out there, she's read it.

Can you suggest a fic to be recommended on the blog?
No, but you might want to ask her. ;-)

And now for a bit of fun…

Give a shout out to your team!
Go Buckeyes! Oh, that's not what you mean. I'm basically Team Peen.

Stephenie Meyer’s Bella… Strong, independent woman and a role model for all girls, or a sniveling, whiny, spineless twit? And do you that KStew makes a good Bella? Anybody you think could’ve done it better?
Oh, how I go back and forth with this. I see her both ways, honestly, depending on the situation. I would say one part "independent woman" to two parts "sniveling, whiny, spineless twit."

Ever imagine yourself in the place of a character in the fics you read? (It’s the lemons, isn’t it? Naughty naughty!)
Uh, isn't that the point?

Let’s say that your friends and family don’t know that you write fanfiction. You’re at the office, or the family get together, and someone mentions that they’ve be reading this fanfiction online. As you listen to them recount the details of this story, you realize with growing horror that this is your story! How do you react?
First, I would make sure that they haven't found me out. Second, I keep my fucking mouth shut so that if they haven't, they never do.

Thank you for participating!

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