Monday, June 20, 2011

Magic Monday's Featuring femmequixotic!

Hey guys,

This week I bring you a beautiful fucking piece of fanfiction. This is one of my favourite stories and I hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I do. That being said, it’s a Drarry and if that’s not your cuppa, well...your loss! :)

Now, this fic is based on drabbles written by another author (which you can find the link to on the story’s page) and while I enjoyed the drabbles I’m a fan of detail and this hit the spot for me. It’s one of those “pass the tissues, this is beautiful” kind of stories. It’s how I get every time I watch PS. I love you. I’m not sure if that’s an incentive for everyone or not... o.O

From the author...

I sit silently in the shadows, staring at the tiny, pulsing ball of light that tells me my Harry's still alive

Here’s a taste of the fic...

The image of my fingers twisted in those thick locks just this morning as I arched over Harry, gasping, makes my stomach lurch and I sit down suddenly in the narrow armchair beside the bed, holding Harry's chart close to my chest.

I'd ordered the induction of the Sleep after I'd spent hours pulling bone fragments from surrounding tissue.

It sounds so clinical, that. So far removed from the reality of the horror of plucking shards of Harry's skull from his brain, one by one, praying that my wand would hold steady. Hannah had come in halfway through and tried to take my place. I've no idea what I said to her, but I doubt it was pleasant. I remember Marietta pulling her away, though, and their whispered argument only a few feet from me as the monitoring spell beeped softly over Harry's too-still body.

I'll dream about it, I know, if I close my eyes. About the blood on my hands, and the firm softness of Harry's brain beneath my gloved fingertips, and the terror coursing through me that with one miscalculated slip I would destroy his life.

And mine.

Man, I fucking LOVED this story. Honestly, give it a shot. Even if Drarry isn’t your cuppa, just try it. Nothing is too explicit!

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