Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Magic er...Wednesday?


I have a favour to ask of you on behalf of one of my good friends from undergrad. She is doing her THESIS on HARRY POTTER FANFICTION. How fucking awesome is that? I would have done a Masters if I had thought about writing about the Fandom.

She has put together a short 10-15 minute survey that is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS for AUTHORS of the Harry Potter Fandom. If you write HP fic, even if you’ve never posted it, please complete the survey! If you know of authors who would be willing to help a gal out, please send them the link, or link them to me and I will talk to them. I can personally vouch for Rachel, we attended McMaster University together for four years and poked each other awake in Satire class for just as long. Please, please, please do her a solid and complete the survey.

Here is the link:

Thank you MUCHLY!

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