Monday, June 13, 2011

Magic Monday's Featuring dracoaddicted

What up homies?

Hope you’ve had a good week and maybe gotten a start on Bond?

Well, if you need a little something to lighten things up, because I sometimes do, I have a lovely O/S to point you towards this week. It’s short, sweet, fluffy. Exactly what I like with my morning tea whilst crammed into a tin contraption that rattles and rumbles underground and has this horrible habit of stopping whilst underground. I suppose subway cars aren’t really made out of tin, are they? No, I imagine not.

Morning After by dracoaddicted!

Like I said before, this story is sweet and fluffy and just the kind of pick-me-up that we all need sometimes. I honestly would love it if the author would develop this into a multi-chapter fic but, alas, such is life. Cute banter, morning kisses and a shirtless Draco Malfoy. I’m sold.

From the author...

"What would you like to do today, Mrs. Malfoy?" Draco's mouth curved into a suggestive smirk, shortly before leaning over and kissing her neck. D/Hr banter and teasing.

Here’s a taste of the fic...

Draco looked up, "you were saying?"

Hermione could scarcely remember. She turned in his arms to face him.
"Oh! Thank Merlin you're wearing it, how did I miss that?"

Her husband – she was still getting used to the idea of it – arched a brow.
"We're here on our honeymoon and you're concerned about my dress shirt?"

Hermione suppressed a giggle at his scandalized expression. Fully awake now, it was effortless to rile him up. She smiled and spoke with false innocence.

"What? Oh by the way, you promised to show me the library."

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