Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"When Darkness Falla" by LaVitaNuova

          Boy, do I have a treat for you this week! If you love dark fics and love a dark Paul even more, get your rears in gear and go check out When Darkness Falls by a returning favorite of mine, LaVitaNuova! This fic will have you flying by the edge of your seat; LaVitaNuova has written yet another cliffhanger that keeps you on your toes. Now I’ve read some dark fics in my time in the Fandom, and I’ve gotta say that this fic takes the cake on dark thrillers.

Pulling up to Charlie's little detached property, which was hidden back at the end of the road, the tension returned when she saw him twitching agitatedly on the porch steps.

He didn't give her time to pull the cab door open herself and though she could tell he was acting out of contorted emotions, she couldn't help the sting of repressed tears when he began to yell loud enough for the entire street to hear.

"What the hell have I told you Bella? How do you think it looks when I can't even get my own daughter to pay attention while the whole town is falling to shit?"

Almost physically retracting from his harsh words, Bella hitched back, the hand he held on her wrist burning as he pulled her from the truck and into the house.

Once safely inside, he let her go, but she was left to linger in the doorway, almost afraid to step forward as he paced back and forth maniacally.

"I'm sorry Dad. I just wanted to see Jake and Embry." She said softly, almost not wanting to draw attention back to herself. She'd never seen her father like this and it wasn't the fear of what he would do, but the fear of what he knew that kept her rooted to the spot.

"Dad, what's going on?" Bella asked tentatively. Her words seemed to stop him in his tracks, his eyes full of troubled pain as they met hers.

"Come sit down Bells?" He requested with a heavy sigh, placing himself down on the couch rather than his usual individual recliner. Her feet followed him and she gingerly graced the edge of the cushions, waiting for whatever words he needed to impart.

"Is it Sam?" She asked impatiently and he lifted his head, looking her over quizzically.
"No. This isn't about Sam… Bells, this is… well, it's worse…."

He stopped and Bella felt her lungs expand in preparation.

"We got a report a few days ago about a girl who's apparently been missing from the Makah reservation for a couple weeks now. Emily Young?" Charlie added, as if the name might mean something to her.

Shaking her head, Bella tried to beg him to go on without words.

"Apparently she's the cousin of Leah Clearwater, Sam's…" Before he could finish, Bella was speaking for him, "…fiancée, she's Sam's fiancée."

Charlie nodded and Bella couldn't help the adrenaline that seemed to be pouring throughout her body, feeling both afraid and impatient for what Charlie was trying to tell her.

"What about her?" She said eventually, knowing what she was asking but unwilling to put into words.

Charlie nodded and unlike the usual perfunctory space that was held between them, he rustled closer and she wasn't sure if he was trying to offer comfort or looking for some himself.

"She's dead Bells. A hiker found her in the woods this afternoon; it looks like an animal attack, but…"

He didn't need to say anymore, even to her it sounded far too suspicious, first Leah's fiancé went missing and now her cousin had shown up dead.

"I need you to stay put Bella. I know you think I've been too strict on you recently, but I can't watch you all the time and I know Jake's a good guy, but I don't like the idea of you going down there. Not until I can figure all of this out."

He was all but begging with her, asking rather than demanding. She understood both his fatherly and vocational predicaments. Knowing she had little space to maneuver, she agreed, nodding her head and hoping that in the morning they could reassess the situation somehow.

He left a few minutes later when his radio crackled a code she couldn't understand. Closing the door shut behind him, she wrestled with the chain, wondering just when her fingers had begun to shake. She didn't like feeling so weak, especially so unnecessarily, she thought. She bound up the stairs two at a time, laying out her books and flinging down her backpack, hoping to delve into a mountain of homework. It didn't happen though, and it wasn't only because her mind was caught in a whirlpool of horror. Nestled on the edges of a flourishing eco-system, animal calls weren't out of the ordinary in Forks. But on this night the whole town looked to their windows in disturbed interest; as barely ten minutes passed when the darkness wasn't penetrated by the piercing wail of a painful howl.

          The plotline in this story has you constantly wondering what surprise LaVitaNuova will through at you next. An astounding piece of work, LaVitaNuova taps into the inherent darkness that is present in all mankind and brings it to light in such an intriguing plot, you want to look away. Grab yourself a big up of coffee because you aren’t gonna want to stop reading this fic up till the very end.
So grab a drink and enjoy!

“When Darkness Falls” by LaVitaNuova:

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