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Friday Night Slash: Blush and Bashful by @DCC_HHN

Okay y'all, this week I'm bringing out a classic. It's been a while since this story has completed and when I read it, I wasn't aware of how awesome the author truly is. HHN has become a truly awesome friend of mine via twitter and one day I was checking out his profile when I realized that he was the author of Blush & Bashful, which is the story I'm recc'ing today.

It's a fantastic story set in high school scenario. Jasper is the new kid and he's immediately attracted to both Jacob and Edward. Jacob and Edward HATE each other and it's widely known.

Jasper ends up going out with Jacob but he's still very much attracted to Edward. You find out that there is a history between the two boys but you're not quite sure what.

I swear to everything that's Holy in this world, you will love this fic. It's full of fucking WIN and HHN has a writing style that pulls you in and keeps you interested the whole time. I personally can't wait until he finishes the projects he's working on now because I crave more from him and I think you will too.

Why don't we take a glimpse into the first chapter of B&B:

The teacher came to the front of the room, announced himself as Mr. Mason, and called the class to order. He talked as he passed out the books and syllabi. By the time he did roll call, I actually started to remember a few more of the names of my classmates other than the two hotties I already knew.

Mr. Mason actually tried to teach a little bit on the first day of class. He did some refresher problems that were from Algebra II, which I had no problem with so I didn't pay close attention. Instead I found my eyes wandering back and forth between the two gorgeous boys in my class, trying to decide who was more beautiful. To the right there was Jacob Black, the dark, beautiful Native American tribal god. To the left there was Edward Cullen, the pale, gorgeous god from Greek mythology. Both of these boys truly were gods walking among mortals. I looked over each of their faces and their bodies trying to take in every detail and scanning for any possible physical faults each might have, coming up empty. After almost an hour of contemplation, I couldn't come to a conclusion as to who was better looking. They were both equally, but distinctively beautiful.

Once again, I think Angela caught me gawking at the boys, causing me to blush furiously. I tried to pay attention to what was going on, but that was a losing battle with those two sitting in here. By the time the bell rang, my "little problem" hadn't subsided one bit since the last hour. Contact a doctor if you have an erection lasting over four hour' I remembered from that one boner pill commercial with that ugly, grinning idiot.

Once again, I had to strategically place my books in front of my jeans. As I got up and before I could get my books securely in place, I noticed Edward Cullen had glanced back at me. He then quickly looked away from me while shaking his head back and forth and his shoulders shaking like he was silently laughing. Fuck me running up hill and sideways! Now I truly am fucking mortified. Edward Cullen, the god that he is, had caught me with a boner not once, but twice! This guy is totally going to think I am a grade-A pervert with body control issues. I wonder if he realizes that he's partly to blame for my condition.

Angela hung back again, waiting for me. It turned out we were in the same class again next hour, Honors English. During our walk, I tried not to think about either of the hotties that made my unit want to stand up and say "hi." We made small talk on the way to our next class, but it was nothing significant. I'll be damned! I thought when we walked into the class. This class held the exact same people as the previous two, not to mention they were all sitting in nearly the same positions again. I was flushed scarlet as I walked past Edward Cullen yet again who was grinning and staring forward as I walked by. Finally the curiosity was killing me.

"These are the same people that have been in both of our other classes," I finally muttered to Angela as we took our seats in essentially the same position as the previous two classes.

"Yeah, we're kind of known as the Junior Class Honors Family, although the word 'family' might be pushing it a little," she whispered as she glanced left to right. "All eleven of us, well twelve of us now," she corrected herself looking at me, "are in the advanced placement program. We have all been in the same classes since freshman year." I wondered what the "family" issue meant. Maybe I was right with my assessment that the class was clearly divided.

"Um, I kind of noticed that the same people always sit together. These guys are always on the left side of the room," I said as I gestured with my hands, "and these guys are always on the right. It's like the class is divided into two separate, distinct groups."

She nodded at my assessment, eagerly bringing her head closer to me. "That's because there really are two separate groups in our 'family'," she whispered, doing the double quotation marks with her fingers. "That's because everyone in this class, apart from Eric Yorkie, myself, and now you I guess, is on either 'Team Edward' or 'Team Jacob'," she said, doing the finger quotes again.

Now my curiosity was raging. "Team Edward and Team Jacob?" I whispered to her, intently moving our heads even closer. There was obviously a story behind this and being the closet Drama Queen that I am, I couldn't wait for the dish.

"Yeah, Jacob Black and Edward Cullen do not like each other," she continued, emphasizing the word not. "Actually, hate might be a better description. There's been bad blood between them since we were in junior high, though nobody really knows why. But it's definitely there. They're both terribly competitive in everything they do, always trying to out-do the other. They also both have electrifying personalities which has caused everyone in the program to gravitate toward one of them or the other. Well, like I said, other than Eric Yorkie, because neither side really wants him on their team; you because, well, you're too new to know any better; and me, because I don't want to get myself wrapped up in all of that and I truly like both guys and almost everyone else here." I thought back to her reaction over the Chemistry partnering and immediately figured out who was excluded by that almost. "I like to think of myself as 'Team Switzerland.'"

"I might have to join you on Team Switzerland, if you don't mind," I whispered, smiling coyly to her. "I'm not sure I want to get myself wrapped up in whatever bullshit is going on with those two."

"Sure, you can be on my team. I'm sick of being on a team by myself."

"What about the other guy…Eric? Is he on Team Switzerland?" I whispered even more quietly since he was sitting right in front of her.

She laughed and shook her head. "No, I don't want him on my team either," she mouthed to me and winked. I couldn't help but chuckle. Poor kid didn't fit in anywhere.

The rest of English went by pretty quickly. The reading list was pretty much what I was expecting, including Hamlet, The Grapes of Wrath, The Crucible, and The Great Gatsby. It was nice that I actually managed to concentrate on class which helped out my other "condition." Well, at least I wasn't going to have to call my doctor.

Alright folks, there you have it! He's funny, he's amazing, and he refuses to believe that he has as much talent he actually has. I would like to rectify that and with your help, I think we can convince him! Anyway, he did me a favor and filled out our little Saturday Sit Down interview, so tune in tomorrow and get to know him just a little better!

I'll be back next week with a new rec, so until then, please enjoy!


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