Wednesday, June 8, 2011

“Don’t Take the Girl” by SparklingWand

          I’m thoroughly enjoying my time off, and thought I should give you all another recommendation to check out. This week I have a sweet little niblet for you to sink your teeth into. Don’t Take the Girl by SparklingWand is loosely based on the song by Tim McGraw. When Charlie brings Edward along on his and Bella’s fishing trip, she is less than pleased. But as the trip progresses, they go from enemies to friends.

She felt a sense of urgency to get the cooler put together quickly and get back to the Cullens before they left. She grabbed the fish with the labels that read Edward. She was grateful to see Charlie didn't label any other fish because she grabbed about ten more filets and shoved them into the cooler. She wanted Edward to be able to brag.

The cooler was stuffed, and she closed it up. Rather than running through the house, she opened the garage door to reach the drive way immediately.

"Wait! Edward! Please wait!"

They were all in the car, and Edward looked so forlorn. Bella couldn't understand why he looked so sad. It wasn't until he had seen her that his face lit up. They smiled at each other, and he informed his father to stop the car.

Edward jumped out and ran towards Bella.

"I thought you weren't going to say goodbye." He smiled his sweet toothless smile.

"I wouldn't let you leave without saying goodbye. I just didn't want you to leave without your fish. You did so good today; I just figured you would want them to eat."

She handed him and cooler. He took and it and opened it. He realized that there was a considerable amount of fish in there.

"Bella, I didn't catch all these."

"No, but I figured you could use a few more to make a big fish fry. We have loads in the freezer."

"Thank you," he whispered shyly.

"You're welcome and thank you."

"For what?"

"For becoming my friend."

With that, they bid their farewells and made promises for future play dates and playground dates. Edward got back into the car, and the Cullens left.

That night, Bella said her nightly prayers with Charlie as she did every night, but tonight her prayers were slightly altered.

She and Charlie knelt beside her bed. She folded her hands and began to pray,

"God, bless Mommy and Daddy. Thank You so much for giving them to me. You couldn't have given me a better Mommy and Daddy. Thank You for all I have in my life. Thank You for Jake and Alice."

Bella paused and Charlie was about to say "Amen" when she continued her prayer.

"And dear God, thank You for my new friend, Edward. He may be a boy, but thank You, God, for opening my eyes to him. I know that You brought him to me for a reason and whatever that reason is, I'm listening. Amen."

Charlie was surprised by his daughter's prayer. She always talked more like an adult than a child, but this was not the prayer of a child. This was the prayer of a woman, and it brought a tear to his eye. His little girl was only eight, but she was growing up and seeing the world.
Charlie whispered, "Amen."

"All right, sweetheart, up in the bed. I'll send your Mother in to kiss you goodnight."
He tucked her in and kissed her forehead.

"Good night, baby girl."

"Night, Daddy."

Charlie turned the light off and was about to close Bella's door when she heard his daughter call his name.


"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Can Edward go fishing with us again next week?"

"You bet, baby doll. But what about Jake and Billy? You said we all wouldn't fit."

"I'm little. We can make room."

Charlie smiled. "Okay. I'll talk to Carlisle next week and set everything up. Now go to sleep."
Bella squealed and then immediately closed her eyes so Charlie wouldn't have the chance to change is his mind.

That was the first night she dreamt of Edward Cullen.

            After their first trip together, the pair becomes inseparable, spending most of their time together. The story progresses through their life, from childhood, through the awkward years of adolescence and into adulthood. When a date ends in a stick-up, Edward and Bella are brought closer together, but this isn’t the last time they have to deal with the people that held them at gunpoint.

Throughout the story these two have to deal with the hardships that face them. Through it all, Edward and Bella have each other and their close friends to help each other out when the going gets tough. This story is a great story for anyone that needs to satisfy their love story fix.

So grab a drink and enjoy!

“Don’t Take the Girl” by SparklingWand:

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