Wednesday, June 15, 2011

“Dangerous Corporate Liaisons” by Coachlady12

            Summer is here my friends, and what better way to kick off the summer than with a nice, cool fic rec! Dangerous Corporate Liaisons by coachlady12 is a hot little story, and not short on the lemons. When playboy Edward runs into hottie Bella in the parking garage of his office building, their first encounter leaves him dazzled.

"Oh, well, I'm sure that someone as important as you would be sorely missed at said meeting," was her sardonic remark. I had to purse my lips to keep the string of profanities that were dying to come out in check. And I could've sworn I heard her murmur, "Stupid fucking prick," under her breath.

She was hell on wheels. Thank God I don't have to come home to her every day. Jesus, the poor bastard she did go home to had to be some pussy-whipped loser if this was her normal way of dealing with men. Cutthroat bitch came to mind and I had to sneer.

I let her hateful little comment go as she got in her car and backed out. That was all I wanted anyway—my fucking space. I wasn't even thinking any other sexual thoughts about her, which was unusual for me. Yeah. She'd definitely doused them with that attitude.

As she backed out of my space, she rolled the passenger window down. I was heading back to my car as she smiled sweetly telling me to have a great day. I pushed my hand through my hair and watched her drive away. I'll never understand women and their mood swings, I thought with a chuckle, shaking my head.

When I got to the thirty-third floor, Tanya, my secretary, handed me the itinerary for the meeting my partner Jasper and I were holding in five minutes. Our company, Masen, Hale and Associates, was making a bid to invest in a start-up that was ready to take off with the right backing. As venture capitalists we had several bids in the wings ready to go at any second.
After quickly going through my mail, I headed to the boardroom.

"Mr. Masen?" Tanya called as I headed out.

"Yeah, Tanya?" I asked, in a hurry to leave.

"There's a Miss Swan on the line for you?"

"Take a message, would you, please? I've got to get to the boardroom," I took off down the hallway to the elevator.

Jasper was already in the boardroom with our prospective business partners when I got there. Mike Newton and Tyler Crowley were trying to get their wholesale liquor company off the ground. Believe it or not, this was one of the rising businesses at this time, and Jasper and I were willing to take a chance every now and then. Also we'd gone to high school with these guys, so we had to at least try to help them.

The meeting went great with our making plans to meet again next week to set things in motion. When I came back to my office, Tanya handed me my messages as I went to my desk to check the market activity online. I shuffled through the messages stopping at one in particular.

Tanya had written, "Miss Bella Swan called and requested that in the future, you install eye-level signs where assigned parking is concerned." She'd also left a number asking me to contact her in regard to the parking space dilemma.

Was this chick serious or was this her idea of flirting? I had no idea, but I found myself chuckling. I'd definitely call her if not only to hear her brazenly smartass comments, but at the very least to get a visual of her smoking hot body as she ranted. Miss Bella Swan had no idea what she was getting herself into.

            These two are a spectacularly funny pair, and their witty repartee and funny banter makes you wonder whether they should be dating or at each other’s throat. Edward’s playboy ways and Bella’s admirer cause quite a stir for the couple, but things seemingly work out. Thing get better once Bella learns of his tragic past and why he acts the way he does, and happy times are ahead for the couple. When Edward gets an admirer that takes things too far, going all psycho stalker, problems arise again and nearly break the couple apart for good.

            I shall tell no more (mwahaha) so you’re just gonna have to go read this story if you want to know how it all ends! This is a wonderfully written story, with plenty of humor and plenty of yummy lemons in the mix! So take some time out of your day and give this story a read!
So grab a drink and enjoy!

“Dangerous Corporate Liaisons” by Coachlady12:

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