Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Night Slash: Sexurity Checkpoint by @TruceOver

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Friday Night Slash segment! I hope you all enjoyed your week and are ready for some smut!
And when I say smut,  I mean a story that’s purely written for the smut! This week I’m bringing you Sexurity Checkpoint by TruceOver.
A Riley/James pairing where Riley is waiting at the airport with his mother who won’t shut the hell up; Riley is holding his back pack securely and when it goes through security, gets flagged for suspicious material.
One of the boys is on his way to take him in for further evaluation when he gets invited to lunch and asks James to take over.
James empties the back pack and finds all sorts of interesting items that lead to some sexy times and pure smut!
Here’s a quick peak into the fic:
I glance at my watch. Five hours fifty-eight minutes. Kill me now.

The line in front of us for Security finally moves. I pull my backpack off and throw it down on the table. I can't believe I'm carrying all this shit with me.

"Oh, honey, do you have any gum?" She asks as she reaches for my bag.

"No!" I shout, and pull my bag against me. At least five people turn in my direction and give me a look. They have nothing on my mother of course, who is eyeing me as if I've lost my mind.

"But you're chewing some, sweetheart."

"It was my last piece." Please believe me please believe me please believe me. No way in hell can I allow her to look in my backpack. If I make it home without her seeing what's inside, I'm golden.

"All right, I guess I'll get some by the gate. Once we get home I need to take you shopping. That backpack is falling apart. Oh, and new jeans. You should have told me you needed new jeans, sweetie. Those have so many holes in them! I swear, everyone back home is going to think..."

Maybe I should just stay here and look for a job. If I find one in Arizona that means I will actually have to see her on a regular basis. I love my mother, but come on. Now I remember why my father doesn't bother replacing the batteries in his hearing aids.

We reach the front of the line and I slide my backpack in behind my mother's purse, followed by my shoes. She steps through the x-ray, the whole time going on and on about how unsanitary it is to make people walk barefoot around the airport.

I kind of have to agree with her on that one. Who knows what kinds of fungus people have. Gross.

She already has her shoes on and has her purse in hand by the time I get through the metal detector. My black Converses come through the other side and I slip them on. My mother says something about needing to get me new laces.

I roll my eyes, then stand up and reach for my backpack, but it isn't there. The young TSA screener is staring at the x-ray monitor. He points at it, then calls someone else over. I can feel the blood drain from my face. Both screeners study the monitor for a minute before looking over and me and pointing. Oh, shit.

The first guy pushes a button and my backpack comes out on the conveyor. I quickly reach for it, but he beats me to it. "Is this your bag?" he asks me with a pointed look.

I gulp. "Um, yeah."

"We're going to have to search it."

I hope you’ll take the time to give this o/s a chance. TruceOver has also written a Riley/James collaboration with Conversed called Punk and Perv’s Excellent Adventure, which you should check out. It’s complete and a serious of drabbles that are hot as hell!
Don’t forget to review and let her know how sexy this is!
Until next week my slashy h00rs!

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