Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"The Orbititng Meteor" by IdreamofEddy

          Well, well, well, I do believe I’ve got another good one for you this week lovelies! The fabulous Miss IdreamofEddy wrote an awesome story called The Orbiting Meteor. If you have yet to read this story, I suggest you drop everything and rush to the nearest computer and start reading now! This is the first Bella/Peter fic rec’d on the blog, and it is a spectacular work.

What she didn't know was that her truck had actually been killed by the man who was watching her now, and he knew she had traveled long enough. She was already in the vicinity of his first home. He also knew that she would love Santa Fe, as well as the warm sun that would hit her face three hundred twenty days a year on the average.

Bella made her decision when she was going through the want ads trying to find another car. She found a listing for a new sports department store that was hiring workers at eight bucks an hour. She could live on that, find a small apartment, and work to forget her problems while at the same time save a little money for school. She, of course, found the shittiest apartment imaginable, and in the poorest of neighborhoods. He knew she would be safe, but he watched her anyway. At this point, there was nothing left for him to do but just wait and give her time to heal.

On the patio, Bella's eyelids snapped open and she stretched. She needed to eat something before heading in to work. She picked up the card from where it had fallen and walked out to the edge of the patio, sliding her feet out of her furry flip-flops and stepping onto the cool grass.

The man watching her loved it when she did this - it always made him smile. She would always close her eyes and just stand there so quietly, with the sun warming her face, and all the distinct colors of red and brown shining through her hair.

Bella opened her eyes and something flashed out of the left corner of her eye. There was an instant frown and she quickly turned to find the culprit. It was just enough time for her heart to jump, panic was something she felt quick these days. Her garden globe sat to her left in the little miniature garden area she would plant this year with tomatoes and radishes. The sun was reflecting off the green globe, and Bella smiled. She turned around to retrieve her flip-flops, and then walked into the house.

She only had an hour or so before she had to head in, and the man watching her needed to go home and collect his thoughts. He was excited because this was the night when her eyes would truly meet his. He wanted to look good - not that he had to try too hard.

This was the night when fate would finally make itself known to Bella Swan, and he really couldn't wait. He had waited long enough. Part of him dreaded it - only because of her response. But, in time, that would work itself out, so he didn't need to worry. He was thrilled that her eyes would find him, and he really couldn't wait to see her in that outfit.

Bella's life was about to change again, and fate would find its way into her heart - forever. They both just had to put some effort into it.

Little did he know, that fate had changed its plans.

          Peter and his all-knowing ways have led him to Bella after the death of his first mate, Charlotte. He has been keeping an eye on Bella since the day she was born, watching over her from the shadows. When Bella finally leaves home to strike out on her own, fate (and Peter) conspires to settle her in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Peter has been receiving his flashes of Bella’s future since she was born, writing it all down and making sure she stays on the right path.

           When Bella and Peter meet, Bella is less than thrilled to meet him, completely unaware of his intentions. She warms up to him and they start to get closer, dealing with life as it comes at them. After a crazy few weeks and a visitor from Forks, things take a turn for the worse when Maria kidnaps Bella. Peter, with the help of some friends goes and takes care of Maria and her army of newborns.

          This story has a great plot, and rich storytelling; you won’t be disappointed if you decide to take the time and read this fic. AN amazing story, and an equally amazing author. So drop what you’re doing and get your rear to the closest computer and give this fic a read!

So grab a drink and enjoy!

“The Orbiting Meteor” by IdreamofEddy:

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